Giving Them Blowjob Lessons

Via the Fansadox tumblr, we have some Templeton art featuring two young ladies who are less than enthusiastic about their impending lessons in how to give a proper bondage blowjob:


From Junta Hell (a Dofantasy comic).

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Breaking Your Cartoon Toys

I saw this elsewhere on the web, posted by a fan of the Dofantasy comics:

I like the hardcore cartoons because you can take “breaking your toys” to a whole another level…”

Yup! “No live models were imperiled making this fantasy production.” It can be a great relief to the thinking and caring pervert.

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His Chained Blowjob Slave

Via the Dofantasy tumblr, here’s a chained girl giving a blowjob to a man she’d never be caught dead with, absent the chains:

chained blowjob comic

It’s from Mad Justice by Albert, and I couldn’t help adding a blowjob detail from a subsequent page:

submissive blowjob for a dirty old man

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Bondage 69

If you and your wife had the use of a cute pair of blonde slavegirls, you have to admit this is a creative way to enjoy them:



From Russian Wife 2: The Training by Victor (from Dofantasy.)

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Harem Bondage Punishments

A painful whipping is all the worse when a girl is well-restrained and cannot avoid the lash. Or such was the thinking in the pasha’s harem:

harem bondage whipping

harem bondage caning

These are panels from Beauty Queens In Harem, a Dofantasy comic by Pyat.

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A Lot Of Bondage Cocksucking

dental retractor keeps her mouth open for a forced blowjob

“You’re going to be sucking a lot of cocks, so you better get used to it.”

dental retractor blowjob

I guess a dental retractor is essential for projecting intrusive cocks from unwilling kidnapped captives.

The panels are from an old (apparently no longer published) Dofantasy/Fansadox comic called Betrayed by the artist Grimm.

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Lawyers In Your Kidnap Porn

There’s an infographic (pornfographic?) at the Fansadox tumblr showing changes to the Starfuckers comic during its publishing history that seem to have been inspired by fear of Britney Spears’s attack lawyers:

Starfuckers, by Gary Roberts, first came out as a *very* thinly-veiled celebrity homage to Britney Spears, in which a look-alike singer named “Britney” got kidnapped by masked men, then she got delivered into a stone dungeon on a distant island where many terrible and sexual things were done to her. But by the time the comic got published by (Fansadox Collection #19) the lawyers seem to have forced them to file off the serial numbers, with no name at all on the cover and “Britney” replaced with “Sidney” in the lettering. Fucking lawyers!

I’ll admit I’m so out-of-the-loop about young blonde singers that I didn’t even realize Starfuckers was supposed to be about Britney Spears, back when I first linked to it. At least I knew who “Jessica” was supposed to be back when I was blogging about Starfuckers 2: Jessica.

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