In Her Face

As you might expect from the title Dark Vengeance, the latest comic is indeed a dark tale of sexual revenge. A couple of recently-released criminals come looking for the prosecutor who put them away, and instead they find his pretty daughter and her blonde friend. You know it’s gonna get rough when he gets in her face like this:

all up in the face of the girl on the leash

And when I said “gets in her face” I really meant gets in her face:

cartoon girl tied on the hood of a car for a rough upside down bondage blowjob

cartoon bondage blowjob

I like this particular artist, Fernando, more than some of their others, because he draws girls that are lush and colorful and curvy.

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drool_gag commented on May 7th, 2010 at 2:04 am:

I can only agree =) His girls are cute and you always feel sorry for them (apart from the fantasy part, of course). I sometimes just wish he could make some comic a little bit softer, rather fun and “loving”, to see his ladies in some more consensual play ^^ They may be even more adorable

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