Sent To The Mines To Pull Ore Carts

We might wish for better quality from this illustration of scantily-clad ladies laboring under the whip to haul ore carts in the mines like donkeys and mules, but it only appeared as a badly-reproduced and poorly-scanned inside-pages detail in the June 1970 issue of Men’s Adventure magazine. So we’ll make do:

chain gang of forced labor women hauling ore carts in a mine

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Grabbed And Molested By Skynet

It’s bad enough when Skynet sends robots to hunt you down and detain you, but when they grab you with their filthy metal claw-hand actuators and administer a painful breast exam? That’s what I call socialized health care at its worst!

two robots have grabbed and partially stripped a woman and one of them is squeezing her breasts with his claw hands

Art is by Waldemar von Kozak.

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Bondage Blonde: Rescue In Progress

How’s her rescue going at this moment? Well, could be better, could be worse. How fast and accurate is our hero with that rifle? He’s really too close to all those indigenes with pointy weapons:

blonde hangs limply from a bondage pole as a white explorer type man faces off with his rifle versus half a dozen indigenous warriors armed with spears and swords

Art is from the cover of the June 1970 issue of Man’s Adventure magazine.

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The Pillory For Flagrant Hussies

This comic pillory scene is from the old Laugh In TV show, I think:

I’m honestly not sure whether having a gay man as the punchline of a joke on broadcast TV was progressive in those days (late 1960s and early 1970s) or whether it was more “laughing at” than “laughing with”.

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4th Of July Kink.Com Discounts!

Happy patriotic holiday! Nor will this day be complete until you have bought yourself a heavily-discounted subscription to

4th of July discount sale for Kink Prime

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Beat The Heat

It’s another super-hot summer. So, how do you kink things up while also staying plenty cool? Well, first you get your favorite ass-fuck girlie nice and dirty, then you chain her up in your back yard, and then you get your garden hose…

bondage buttsex babe chained and hosed down with the garden hose sprayer on a hot summer day

Photo is from Unchained Anal at

Also, remember the movie Black Snake Moan? This is what it should have looked like!

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Good Fishing In Las Vegas

The fishing appears to have been very good for famous band leader Spike Jones at the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas. Sadly Google can’t tell us much about his upside-down captive, the lovely fish Ida Mercier:

Spike Jones posing with Ida Mercier who is dangling upside down in a fish costume, or possibly she's a mermaid

From the April 1956 issue of Carnival magazine.

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