Harnessed Blowjob

Who doesn’t want a kinky girlfriend with a nose ring and and some nice tattoos, especially when she likes to suck dick while tightly tied up?

Vanessa Sky in a rope bondage harness sucks dick like she loves it

Our fantasy girlfriend this evening is Vanessa Sky from Vanessa’s Anal Reconciliation at Kink.com.

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Aspiring Actress, Tubbed

Sadly, this is not some kinky 1950s fetish-restraint gear. Nope, it’s wannabe-starlet Lynn Hayward in a so-called “reducing tub”, which was a quack weight-loss device of the day (think “personal sauna”) that was supposed to sweat the weight right off of a person, but which did its actual magic (if any) by way of inducing highly-temporary dehydration:

lynn hayward snapped into a reducing tub at her gym

Photo is from the November 1959 issue of Adam magazine.

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Mother And Daughter, Bound For The Harem

In Harem Horror Hell 8, this blonde mother-and-daughter pair have been captured, sold, and are currently in a harem transport van on their way to a construction site rent-an-orgy:

bound and gagged and stripped pair of blondes are commiserating with looks and glances as they get transported in the harem van

Artwork is by Predondo, for Dofantasy.

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Neat And Tidy Burglars

Found the secretary on her boss’s lap, left the secretary on her boss’s lap. Not a bad day’s work cracking safes, truly:

two masked workplace-invasion safe-cracking robbers walking out after a job with bags full of loot, past the boss and his secretary who are bound and gagged in the stereotypical office hanky-panky posture

Cartoon is from the November 1964 issue of Caper magazine.

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Wally Wood’s Slave Princesses

These slave auction panels are from a page in Sabu, Elephant Boy #30 (1950), from the story The Slave Princesses, drawn by Wallace Wood. “No! My sister and I are not slaves!”

two pretty blonde slaves being auctioned to a crowd of horny Arabs

two bound women are protesting their sale in a slave auction

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Blonde, Menaced By Whip-Nazis

Does this blonde look to you like she’ll last very long under a bondage tit-whipping interrogation by cruel Nazis? Because I don’t think she will:

blonde menaced by nazis with whips

From the cover of an issue of the vintage pulp magazine Wildcat Adventures.

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Slave Catchers

I’d like to know what these half-naked ladies were doing hanging around in the desert before the Arab slavers got there, honestly. But they’re off to the slave auction now!

slave catchers on camels grabbing white women in bikinis for the white slave trade

From ErosBlog.

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