A Blowjob Booth At The Slave Fair

This is a five dollar bill well-spent any day of the week, I should think:

three women lined up for cheap public blowjobs

From Slave Fair, a Dofantasy comic by Erenisch.

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Caged Facefuck Bunny

Isn’t this just the cutest facefuck bunny?

caged blowjob bunny girl

Our sad little petting zoo attraction is from Slave Fair, a Dofantasy comic by Erenisch.

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Waking Up Hard, Straitjacketed, And Plugged

You can tell she didn’t precisely expect to wake up in a straitjacket with plugs in her ass and pussy. Perhaps it has not yet occurred to her that this may become routine, in time:

legs spread, straitjacketed, plugged with inflatable dildos in ass and pussy

Artwork is from Snatch3r: Sleepover Slaves by Arieta, via Dofantasy.

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Bondage Sex Instead Of Eloping

The situation in this Dofantasy comic panel by Zerns seems to be that our heroine wanted to be swept off her feet and get married. But old boy here had a better idea — why not just have bondage sex in a cheap hotel room?

rough bondage sex for girl who wanted to elope

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Every Slavegirl Loves A Competent Master

He’s good at what he does, and she appreciates that:

slavegirl acknowledging that her master is good at beating and fucking her

Just one panel from The Date With Fate, a Dofantasy comic by Erenisch.

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She Woke Up Hard

gagged blindfolded and passed out in the sex dungeon

There are a lot of bad ways to wake up from a drugged stupor in this world, but chained on your knees in some unknown very quiet basement sex-prison jail cell has got to be among the worst:

on her knees chained kidnap victim

chained in a private prison

here comes her captor in the sex jail

Panels are from a Dofantasy comic, probably by Zerns, but I don’t know which one. Update: source publication identified with help in the comments. Title was originally Kidnapped; current edition is titled Siezed.

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Nipple-Crushing Tit Clamp

As any keen sadist who has played with nipple clamps already understands, there’s no need to engineer tit-pinching toys with any particular vindictiveness. Nipples are tender and full of nerve endings. By the time you’ve made the thing grippy and tight enough to stay on the nipple without falling off at the slightest tug, it’s plenty painful. But some people like their toys just a little bit “extra” — and so we have this fantasy tit clamp that appears designed for extra nipple-crushing action, because why not?

painful crushing nipple clamps

Artwork is by Zerns, for (I believe) a Dofantasy comic.

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