Chained To The Marital Bed

You wouldn’t think an eager new bride would need to be chained to the headboard of the brass bed, but maybe she tried to play the old “not on the honeymoon, dear, I need time to adjust to the idea of sex” routine on him and he was not having any:

newly married wife is chained to her own brass bed

Notice how the brass is dark and tarnished everywhere except where the chains go, which is bright and shiny as if from frequent use as a bondage attachment. Perhaps his new bride simply didn’t realize that the perv she married had very specific notions of what a fun evening of sex should look like!

Artwork is from the cover of Bride For Bondage (Bondage House 1979, BH8064).

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One comment on “Chained To The Marital Bed”:

Dominated Debbie commented on April 4th, 2021 at 11:44 pm:

Funny on our first night I begged my husband to tie me to the bed. He was only to willing to oblige!

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