Handcuffs As A Seduction Aid

The antihero of Repurposed (a Dofantasy comic by Erenisch) finds that a good pair of handcuffs is enormously useful as a tool for seducing reluctant virgins:





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One comment on “Handcuffs As A Seduction Aid”:

Kinky Deb commented on January 9th, 2016 at 11:08 pm:

Nothing wrong with handcuffs as a seduction aid, it worked for me. On about the second time we had sex He noticed I like to stretch my arms above my head and he used a pair of his kid brothers toy handcuffs to keep them there. Straight away I knew this was what I wanted. On about the 5th time there were people in the next room and with thin walls and as I can be a screamer, after handcuffing me to the bed, using proper cuffs this time, he used my discarded knickers to gag me and then my tights to tie my legs wide open to the bed posts and that was it, I was totally gone on the path to bondage sex. We have never looked back and despite all the positions and different restraints we have used since occasionally we still come back to this. All from a pair of toy handcuffs!

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