Bondage Orgasm (Her Bondage, His Orgasm)

I’m a little bit worried that old boy here is gonna blow a gasket, but he surely does seem to be enjoying himself with his bound and gagged bed slave:

large man with a big belly strains and shouts in ecstasy as he ejaculates deep into a tied up slavegirl who is moaning something through her ball gag

Panel is from the Dofantasy comic Love Boat by Templeton.

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Stuck In The Blowjob Dungeon




From Her Best Friend, a Dofantasy sex comic by Templeton.

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A Nose Pinch To Cure Blowjob Reluctance

suck it, slave

This reluctant blowjob is brought to us by Dofantasy artist Templeton, in Slave Owner Club.

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Three Slaves


This is from one of the Dofantasy comics, but I’m not sure which one.

(Update: it’s Love Boat by Templeton. Thanks Cardy!)

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Giving Them Blowjob Lessons

Via the Fansadox tumblr, we have some Templeton art featuring two young ladies who are less than enthusiastic about their impending lessons in how to give a proper bondage blowjob:


From Junta Hell (a Dofantasy comic).

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Seven Castaways

The whole “marooned on a desert island” gig stops being fun (at least for some of the participants) when the male/female ratio gets too far out of whack:

tied up and fucked by castaways on a desert island

more bondage sex for the lone woman marooned on a desert island with male castaways

From Castaways, by Templeton.

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Ball Gag, Nose Ring

ball gag and fresh nose ring -- detail from a panel in the Rebels Whore Camp bdsm comix by Templeton from

Just another detail from a panel of the Rebels Whore Camp sex comic by Templeton. We previously saw other parts of the comic here.

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