Aggressively “Owned” Twins

The graphic novels explore a lot of unwilling slavegirl scenarios. It’s no surprise, really; every man in the world is surrounded by desirable, unattainable women. Fantasies in which they are attained, roughly and in every orifice, are something I suspect most Bondage Blog readers have enjoyed from time to time. And what better way to explore fantasies like that than in the medium of the adult graphic novel, which allows a degree of roughness, severity, and aggressive sexual excess that’s unattainable in the real world and expensive to simulate in a photographic studio?

The latest example to catch my eye is the comic Confiscated Twins Owned as drawn by Fernando.

confiscated twins owned

The story (which doesn’t matter very much) includes a couple of girls-next-door who find themselves in the legally-sanctioned sexual captivity of a rather cruel young men. It happened like this:

Some weeks have passed since the lucky day when ‘Wanker’ Roy bought the Bauer twins he had been lusting after for so long. He had them delivered to him naked, blindfolded, gagged and chained. Their hot bodies were adorned with fancy red ribbons…

The twins are former neighbors and classmates, the same snooty superior girls who had spurned him for months, putting him down, scornfully rejecting his timid advances, and publicly ridiculing him at ever turn.

Now the twins are Roy’s property and it is their turn to suffer, in a nightmare of retaliation and humiliation…

Rough bondage sex, and lots of it, ensues:

confiscated twins buttfucked in bondage

bondage sex for owned blonde girl

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Sablesword commented on May 13th, 2010 at 7:50 am:

Fantasies where desirable women are obtained, yes. “Roughly and in every orifice,” no.

I’m apparently very much in the minority, but it’s a pet peeve of mine that whenever a fantasy of obtaining a desirable woman is spun, the only thing that the new owner can think to do with her is to use and abuse her hard, “roughly, and in every orifice.” That the only possible storyline is revenge: Revenge against the slavegirl who formerly spurned you, or revenge-by-proxy against all the women who have implicitly spurned you by being unobtainable.

When I fantasize about owning a beautiful woman as my personal slavegirl I want her to be friendly and passionate toward me. I want her to be automagically pre-seduced, as a part of my buying or otherwise obtaining her, so that I don’t have to go to the trouble of seducing her myself. I want her to be blissfully eager when I make her helpless and amuse myself with her body, and I want to be able to relax when I do so. I want to be able to take my time, to treat her as a beautiful, valuable piece of property that I own, rather than as a rental.

I don’t want to feel that I have to break her or use her up before she somehow gets taken away from me. I don’t want to have to make her put up with me, despite her fear and loathing, no matter how physically easy it would be to do so. I don’t want revenge, either against her or against all unobtainable women through her.

Adult graphic novels can show lots of things that would be impossible in the real world and expensive to simulate in a studio with live models. But “roughly and in every orifice” seems to be what the artists almost always go for when they spin a slavegirl fantasy. Apparently most guys do like that, and my own preference is very much in the minority.

Rope Guy commented on May 13th, 2010 at 9:34 am:

Sable, if you’ll note I built some waffles (“I suspect”, “most”, “from time to time”) into that sentence, precisely because it’s not the only way to run a good slavegirl fantasy.

You’re right, though; brutal revenge-fucking is by far the most common storyline. The dofantasy comics go this route in nine out of ten books, I’d guess, making them decidedly not for everyone. Indeed, I have to choose carefully which panels to show here, because the ones showing rage and non-sexual violence and stupidly-derogatory talk don’t, for me, fit the Bondage Blog theme of “taking pleasure in the beauty of restrained women.”

(Aside: IMO one thing that makes the Gor mythos interesting despite all its many faults is that the proper Gorean warrior sees a slavegirl as something to enjoy and cherish, not abuse and despise.)

I don’t know whether to conclude that the market is overwhelmingly in favor of brutal revenge-fucking, or whether it’s prevalence in the BDSM-comics world has more to do with the motivations that drive somebody to learn to illustrate that sort of tale. If we accept your phrase “revenge-by-proxy against all the women who have implicitly spurned you by being unobtainable” as an important (although by no means the only) factor in the existence of this genre, it still doesn’t tell us whether the desire to see revenge-fucking characterizes a big chunk of the market, or whether it merely informs a substantial fraction of the potential source (commercial BDSM artists).

Sablesword commented on May 13th, 2010 at 11:08 pm:

Chalk it up to Rules 34a and 34b:

34a: If one enjoys a fetish, one will perceive the variations one prefers as under-served, beleaguered minority within that fetish.

34b: The variations that one doesn’t care for so much will be perceived as wildly popular and well-catered to.

As for the Gor mythos, I find it interesting and frustrating because of the way it keeps flip-flopping between “slavegirls are mere trifles, to be treated with great harshness and cruelty” and “slavegirls are highly desirable and valued prizes, cherished by their masters.” I wrote my own novels partly a homage and partly an answer-back to Gor.

taige commented on July 24th, 2010 at 12:53 am:

As the prospective slave girl, what I imagine is being used for whatever you imagine, but without the viciousness; more like, “I know that hurts, sweetheart,” as the nipple clamps are tightened further (to the point of whimpering or tears) or there are a half dozen more lashes to come when I think I’ve already had enough. You can be cruel physically without all the yelling and posturing and for me, I’d be way more seduced and obedient that way.

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