Mother And Daughter, Bound For The Harem

In Harem Horror Hell 8, this blonde mother-and-daughter pair have been captured, sold, and are currently in a harem transport van on their way to a construction site rent-an-orgy:

bound and gagged and stripped pair of blondes are commiserating with looks and glances as they get transported in the harem van

Artwork is by Predondo, for Dofantasy.

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Big Black Cock Bondage Anal

When they are starring in Volume 3 of a sex comic called Uprising In West Africa, pretty white women should strive to avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the battle lines. Unless they truly enjoy rough bondage anal sex:

tied and fucked up the ass by a black African with a huge cock

Artist is Predondo, drawing for Dofantasy.

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BDSM For Beginners

These cute panels from the beginning of Gentleman’s Club 2 by Predondo (a Dofantasy comic) are intended to establish a contrast to the many cruel things that will soon happen to our heroine of the fuzzy handcuffs. The “BDSM for Beginners” book on the coffee table explains her tentative handcuffed blowjob and the gentle spanking/paddling she gets. Her subsequent sale to a ring of rich and cruel slavegirl collectors will be hard on her…

giving a blowjob wearing fuzzy handcuffs

modest spanking for this bdsm-curious girlfriend

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African Sex Captive

This pretty blonde journalist had a rough time during the Uprising in West Africa, as drawn by Predondo for Dofantasy:

blonde sex captive tied to a bed for repeated fucking by a huge black man

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Prison Punishment

By Part 5 of Predondo’s Prison Horror Story from Dofantasy, the corrupt guards have gotten pretty elaborate about playing with their inmates:

spanked in prison by corrupt guards

forced prison blowjob

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