Mother And Daughter, Bound For The Harem

In Harem Horror Hell 8, this blonde mother-and-daughter pair have been captured, sold, and are currently in a harem transport van on their way to a construction site rent-an-orgy:

bound and gagged and stripped pair of blondes are commiserating with looks and glances as they get transported in the harem van

Artwork is by Predondo, for Dofantasy.

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Bondage Orgasm (Her Bondage, His Orgasm)

I’m a little bit worried that old boy here is gonna blow a gasket, but he surely does seem to be enjoying himself with his bound and gagged bed slave:

large man with a big belly strains and shouts in ecstasy as he ejaculates deep into a tied up slavegirl who is moaning something through her ball gag

Panel is from the Dofantasy comic Love Boat by Templeton.

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Leashed, Collared, And Ring-Gagged

This blowjob slave on public display is from one of the Dofantasy comics, but I don’t offhand know which one:

street scene with naked slavegirls

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Arab Slave Auction

The auction is going well. Bidders are enthusiastic:

three bound slaves being auctioned to an enthusiastic crowd of bidders

From a Dofantasy comic, I think, but I’m not sure which one.

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Big Black Cock Bondage Anal

When they are starring in Volume 3 of a sex comic called Uprising In West Africa, pretty white women should strive to avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the battle lines. Unless they truly enjoy rough bondage anal sex:

tied and fucked up the ass by a black African with a huge cock

Artist is Predondo, drawing for Dofantasy.

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Pain Makes Us Better Women

“And, it never fails to make us wet!” Yeah, she’s a kinky member in good standing:

pain is good pain is sexy

From the Dofantasy comic The Date With Fate by Erenisch.

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Bondage Anal For The Bride

She held out for a diamond ring — and she got it. But she also got bondage anal on her wedding night, and her beloved was not gentle with her! She probably could have seen that coming. Most men don’t like being sexually denied for the entire length of their engagement:

wedding sex: brutal bondage anal

Artwork is from the Dofantasy comic Classmates 2: Rude Awakening by Kitty Hand.

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