Beat The Heat

It’s another super-hot summer. So, how do you kink things up while also staying plenty cool? Well, first you get your favorite ass-fuck girlie nice and dirty, then you chain her up in your back yard, and then you get your garden hose…

bondage buttsex babe chained and hosed down with the garden hose sprayer on a hot summer day

Photo is from Unchained Anal at

Also, remember the movie Black Snake Moan? This is what it should have looked like!

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Harnessed Blowjob

Who doesn’t want a kinky girlfriend with a nose ring and and some nice tattoos, especially when she likes to suck dick while tightly tied up?

Vanessa Sky in a rope bondage harness sucks dick like she loves it

Our fantasy girlfriend this evening is Vanessa Sky from Vanessa’s Anal Reconciliation at

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Pain Piggy, Face Punished

You know it’s feeding time in the dungeon when the nose hooks and cheek retractors come out. But what’s on the menu besides electric shocks and cock?

Brooke Johnson nose hooked and open mouth gagged while being menaced with the zapper electroshock toy

Photo is from Pain Piggy Brooke Johnson Wants More, at

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Bondage Cunnilingus

In the grand scheme of things, there’s a lot less bondage pussy licking in porn than we might expect. I’m not sure if it’s because of holdover misogyny from the bad old days or just what causes it, but this highly-entertaining activity just doesn’t get all that much representation in bondage porn:

woman with her legs tied apart while her cunt gets thoroughly ravaged by a voracious man and his hungry tongue

From this recent shoot at

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Pillory Blowjobs

Pillory blowjobs are a staple of BDSM fiction and illustration, but they turn up in actual photographic bondage porn rather less often than you would think. But this one from Pleasure And Praise at is worth celebrating:

woman in a white wooden pillory gives a blowjob

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Submissive Bondage Blowjob

Her wrists might (or might not) be shackled behind her back, but anyway she has them clasped properly behind her back as she kneels there in her fishnet stockings and collar and leash while she sucks her master’s cock:

kneeling submissive sucks dominant dick

Photo is from Anal Sluts Subjugated At The BDSM Orgy at

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Preparing Katie Kush

He has plans for her pretty mouth. Right now he’s making sure they won’t come as a surprise to her. It’s called “communicating”, my brothers:

katie kush in an iron bondage frame with four fingers in her mouth as her dom makes eye contact and tells her where his dick is going to go in about thirty seconds

Photo is from Power Fucked In Strict Bondage at

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