Cat Burglar Gets Ass-Burgled

cat burglar stealing laptop

Anastasia Knight though she was a sneaky little cat burglar. Unfortunately, she’s prettier than she is sneaky. So when she snuck into a guy’s apartment to steal his laptop while he was sleeping, and it went pretty well, she got greedy. She tried to steal his wallet right out of his pants, and that didn’t go so well for her:

cat burglar forced to give a blowjob

Just her bad luck to mess with a dude who thinks calling the police is not how you deal with pretty little criminals!

cat burglar ass plundered
Photos are from Pussy Cat Burglar Gets Snatched, via Kink Unlimited.

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One comment on “Cat Burglar Gets Ass-Burgled”:

RC commented on May 29th, 2021 at 7:39 am:

Unfortunately for her, burglary is one of the few careers open to her as an English major.

The second picture shows her doing her Bluejean O’Kneel impression, and the third shows his take on a Long Day’s Journey into Knight.

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