We Stand With Katie

It is a lazy porn-blogger’s trope to ask “What would you do?” Specifically, what would you do if you had an afternoon you could spend in the dungeon with the luscious and flexible Katie Kush, while she stands helplessly on one leg, exposing everything?

Katie Kush in bondage and looking vulnerable and eager

Not only is it a lazy trope, but it’s a foolish question, too. What would we do? Better, or at least much faster, to ask what we would refrain from. Because it’s a much shorter list that way. What would we do? All of the things, man, all of the things!

forced orgasms with a magic wand vibrator for katie kush

helpless Katie Kush gets her pussy licked in a bondage cunnilingus session

rope bondage sex for Katie Kush

Photos are from Tormented Bondage Slut, which is available through Kink Prime.

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