Pillory Blowjobs

Pillory blowjobs are a staple of BDSM fiction and illustration, but they turn up in actual photographic bondage porn rather less often than you would think. But this one from Pleasure And Praise at Kink.com is worth celebrating:

woman in a white wooden pillory gives a blowjob

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Submissive Bondage Blowjob

Her wrists might (or might not) be shackled behind her back, but anyway she has them clasped properly behind her back as she kneels there in her fishnet stockings and collar and leash while she sucks her master’s cock:

kneeling submissive sucks dominant dick

Photo is from Anal Sluts Subjugated At The BDSM Orgy at Kink.com.

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Preparing Katie Kush

He has plans for her pretty mouth. Right now he’s making sure they won’t come as a surprise to her. It’s called “communicating”, my brothers:

katie kush in an iron bondage frame with four fingers in her mouth as her dom makes eye contact and tells her where his dick is going to go in about thirty seconds

Photo is from Power Fucked In Strict Bondage at Kink.com.

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Get Yourself A Christmas Present

blonde in rope bondage spread wide open next to the other christmas presents

If you cannot, for whatever depressing and complicated reasons, arrange to have an eager sticky bondage blonde waiting helplessly under your tree on Christmas morning, perhaps you should do the next best thing and join Kink.com during their Naughty Or Nice holiday sale they’re presently having. You’re totally worth it!

Kink Prime Christmas Sale Discounts banner

Photo is from A Christmas Whore: Goldie Glock Stuffed On Christmas Eve.

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Bondage Foot Torment

If you’re at all ticklish, you might think that having your feet licked while imprisoned in heavy wooden stocks would be an exquisite torment. And you are probably right!

domme is licking some cute feet that are imprisoned in heavy stocks

But if you’re thinking “Oh, hurt me like that all day, do your worst” then please do not forget: mean people also have electricity toys and they aren’t afraid to use them.

electrosex violet wand electrotorture for the pretty tickle model in the foot stocks

Photos are from the 18-Year-Old Foot Tickle Slut shoot at Kink.com.

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Bondage Anal On An Unmade Bed

She had her sneakers on when he caught her, but apparently she didn’t run fast enough. And he, obviously, doesn’t care about what they’re gonna do to that bare mattress he’s fucking her on:

woman with bound wrists writhes on a mattress and pillows while her captor slips his dick up her ass from behind

Photo is from Looking For Trouble at Kink.com.

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Feeding Faith His Dick

This is a shoot from Hogtied that dates back to 2005. I don’t know if Faith Leon is hungry for dick, but she’s certainly getting a mouthful here:

faith leon bondage blowjob

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