Nowhere To Jump

By all accounts, a cattle prod jolt to a large muscle group makes a person jump pretty hard. How much worse must it be when a girl is locked into a heavy wooden pillory?



Photos are from the most recent update at Device Bondage. The unfortunate woman in the pillory is Emma Haize.

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Rail Riders

prostitutes punished

Before these two girls hit town, they thought they had perfected the art of the dry hustle. They spent almost a month arranging commercial sex acts, getting paid up front, and then stiffing their would-be customers by means of a variety of clever dodges and gambits. Eventually the men of the town got fed up, and a cheerful mob sentenced the girls to a very long 24 hours riding the nearest picket fence.

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Eager To Please

Bawdy Blog writes:

A girl who is sufficiently talented (and eager to please) will learn to curl her tongue even when she’s wearing a ring gag. She can’t stop her dom from shoving his dick in her mouth, but she can make it feel better when he does!

There’s a picture.

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Bound Heroine


Heroine in bondage art is by legendary comic artist Wally Wood. Via Kinky Delight.

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Steel Anal/ Vaginal Hook: Half Price Sale

The Stockroom has a sale running right now on quite a few items, including 50% off on their notorious Steel Anal/Vaginal Hook:


It’s just $30 (priced down from $60) and the sales copy reads:

Extreme players who love to utilize rope bondage can make good use of the Steel Vaginal/Anal Hook. It is approximately a half-inch thick and has a ring on the straight end for rope attachment.

The curved end is inserted into the anus or vagina. There is about 5″ of insertable length. The hook is made of heavy duty steel with a flat end.

The stainless steel anal hook is recommended for only players who are well-versed in bondage safety techniques.

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Slave Blowjob Practice

To be good at anything, a slave needs to practice. One girl’s master understands this:

slavegirl drools after deep-throating a dildo

Photo is from Taboo magazine (also available digitally via a Hustler’s Taboo website membership).

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Leashed Dolcett Slave Babe

This Dolcett bondage girl seems to be in less peril than usual; it appears that she’s being inspected or perhaps transferred to a new owner.


But that’s only because it’s a crop. In the full picture, her hangman is waiting

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