Pain And Pleasure

Pain and pleasure. At a sufficiently high level of play, there’s not a lot of visual difference:

bondage whipping

tied breast whipping

bondage orgasms with tight crotch rope and a big vibrator

From the most recent shoot at, which is now part of Kink Unlimited.

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Nose Hooked In Manga

nose hook

nose hooked

nose hooks bondage

By manga artist Tomita Shigeru.

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A Bondage Fisting

He doesn’t look as if he would have short tiny fingers or otherwise-risible small hands, so I think we may safely say that she’s feeling like her bondage-anal-fisting fantasy has been fulfilled, with an emphasis on “filled”:


Artwork is by the artist Fernando.

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Torment By Sensory Surprise

He likes to tie women up and then what does he do to them? Well, he calls it torture, but it looks more like what some people call sensation play to me:

“I generally torture women like you. The way you squirm is pleasing. I think I’ll do that again.”

She didn’t quite believe that she was simply accepting his word. He was going to torture her. And she wasn’t fighting him. The words had such an oddly soothing effect on her.

She winced with pain as he grabbed one wrist and pulled her across the bed. A quick loop and she was tied to one of the bedposts. Her other wrist quickly followed on the opposite bedpost. When he finished with her, she was bound spread-eagle on the bed.

And she hadn’t once fought him off. He didn’t seem to expect it. She hadn’t given him any struggle.

“Now, pain isn’t the only way a woman can be tortured, although it is the most common,” he continued. Reaching out, he grabbed a handful of the material in her blouse. He ripped the blouse off with three harsh yanks. A pair of scissors took care of the jeans she was wearing.

Bare ass naked, she was tied down to the fur bedspread. Every time she twitched her ass, it tickled. In spite of the man’s words, she had to laugh.

“So, you’re beginning to understand the method of torture, eh?” He ran his hand over her naked tits. The skin rippled, then became covered with gooseflesh. His stroking over her tits was stimulating and, at the same time, frustrating.

He was promising something he might not deliver.

“Yes, this is part of it. Enjoy the feel of my hands on your skin. I’m enjoying it and you will be begging me soon to stop. I promise you that.”

She moaned in pleasure. Let him “torture” her this way all he wanted. She could take it. He was fondling her boobs now. She sighed as he gripped the huge base and slowly worked his way to the nipple cresting the top. Once there, he lightly brushed across the nipple with his fingernail. The hardness contrasted beautifully with the softness of his touch.

Then she shrieked in sudden surprise. His hand had been replaced with a piece of velvet. The fabric pressing into her tits had … what?

Tickled? That wasn’t the way it felt. Perhaps she was searching for another word. It wasn’t soothing, not like his hands had been. It was more as if the velvet had hurt!

She couldn’t believe it but the sensation was the same as if he’d lightly pricked her with a needle. All the fondling and playing with her tits had been for the sole purpose of getting her tits as sensitive as possible. Then he’d brushed the velvet across her nipple.

It was remarkable. And she didn’t quite believe it.

” Yes,” he said. “It must have given you some small amount of pain. After all, what is pain but the sudden firing of hidden nerves? I fooled your lovely tits into thinking I would do one thing, then did another.”

She screamed this time. He’d shoved an ice cube against her crotch. She had been getting progressively wetter as her cunt leaked out its juices, and this sudden cold was totally unexpected.

“See? It is the surprise which gives real flavor to torture. I shall show you all the myriad ways of stimulating a body before I am through.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

He laughed heartily. “It’s fun,” was his answer.

She shuddered again thinking about the ways he could really torture her. The girl decided she didn’t like the prospects one bit. But there was nothing she could do. He had her tied too securely to the bed posts to really put up much of a fight.

She moaned deep in her throat when he began tormenting her with a feather. The soft, downy tendrils worked across her agitated sex lips until she was almost mad with helplessness.

“Stop it! I can’t take that much longer!”

And she couldn’t. Never had she thought of a feather as a weapon of torture. In this man’s hands, it was. He carefully traced around her pussy. Starting at her bush, he went down between her belly and leg until he reached her sex lips. The feather gently moved across her aroused skin until he could tickle and tease her clit.

The tiny little spire was asking for all the attention it could get. And, getting it, the girl couldn’t handle it.

“STOP! My body feels like it’s coming apart. The feather is hurting me!”

“No,” he said, “it’s not hurting you. Not exactly. It’s giving you totally contradictory inputs.”

She shrieked again as he applied the ice cube. The feathery touch followed by the cold wetness was too much for her. She tugged hard at her bonds in a vain attempt to escape.

“I think you’re about ready.”

He jumped up on the bed and pulled out his cock. It was already erect. Kneeling down between her wide-spread legs, he gave a spasmodic jerk and rammed his prick all the way up her cunt.

She screamed again. Not knowing whether to expect anything new and horrible from the way he fucked into her, she was tensed up. That made his entry up her cunt all the more difficult. Pushing through the impossibly tight cunt stretched and pulled her in different directions.

“Excellent,” he gasped. “So tight! I knew I was right!”

From an old stroke book called Fit To Be Tied, by Robert Vickers.

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Slobber On The Dildo

slobber on the steel dildo

Hey, girl. See this big fat steel dildo? I know you’re working around a ball gag there, but you might want to slobber on it if you can. Because it’s GOING UP YOUR ASS in a minute:

dildo going hard and fast up her butt

From this shoot at Sex And Submission.

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Captured By Seven Dwarves

What happens to evil-stepmother wicked queens when the stepdaughters they oppress make friends with lots of horny little dwarves? Why, they get grabbed and taken down into mines and chained there for endless bondage buttsex, of course!

snow white's wicked stepmother the evil queen, captured by the seven dwarves and chained in their mine for nonstop bondage buttsex

Art is by Doomsatan666, who calls it Heigh Ho.

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A Game Of Suck

The game is a bit like Blind Man’s Bluff, only she never finds out how many men were in the room or who she’s given blowjobs to:

blindfolded woman giving blowjobs to two men

Artist is Fernando.

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