Shackled And Nude In The Kitchen

They have, in truth, a very modern relationship. In most things, equals; in respect and love, certainly. But they also have an agreed division of labor. She doesn’t ask him to clean the kitchen, he doesn’t ask her to mow their seven-acre property. It seems fair, at least to him. Then came the day when he slipped in some grease splatters that were in front of the stove and almost broke his wrist. It was time, he decided, to remind her of her agreed duties in a way that she won’t forget soon. Hence the nudity and the shackles:

nude and chained housewife scrubbing the kitchen floor by hand

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One comment on “Shackled And Nude In The Kitchen”:

RC commented on July 18th, 2020 at 9:44 am:

She can’t scrub the floor without putting herself in motion.

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