Heavy Right-Angle Cuffs

I have seen these heavy gleaming beauties on a few European fetish sites, but this is the first time I’ve seen them for sale at a place like The Stockroom. They’re not cheap, but the Stainless Steel Right-Angle Cuffs look secure, comfortable, and really awesome:


For even more restrictive wrist restraints, Rapture’s Right Angle Cuffs hold wrists together, reducing wiggles and twists from the few inches of leeway that typical cuffs allow. These extra heavy stainless steel cuffs are welded together as a single unit that secures both wrists at a comfortable 90 degree angle from each other either in front or back of the body.

The highly polished finish and smooth closures with integrated screw locks create a clean look, while the extra thick steel signifies serious business. And its excessive 2.4 pounds of weight easily add to the restriction of your submissive subject, a bewitching bonus to add new dimensions to your bondage play.

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Cardy commented on April 24th, 2015 at 9:33 am:

This is cool! I wish there was a pic of a model wearing these.

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