Old Fashioned Iron Handcuffs

Sometimes your Victorian-era bondage cosplay just doesn’t have the right feel, because your gleaming 20th century handcuffs don’t look right. And the genuine antiques are pricey as hell! Thus I’m pretty excited about this new offering from The Stockroom. Their Antique Iron Handcuffs are inexpensive (just $27 as I write this) reproductions of the 19th-century Darby-style police cuffs:

repro darby handcuffs

Add an authentic edge to your play with old-fashioned bonds. These Antique Iron Handcuffs are remarkable reproductions of the 19th century Darby-style cuffs, the predecessor to modern day police handcuffs. The weathered and aged design harken back to the Victorian era, enabling more realistic role play than typical modern cuff designs allow.

Adjustable to ensure a more secure clasp on varying wrist sizes, these relentless restraints weigh in at one full pound of solid iron and measure twelve inches from end to end. Once you’ve carefully cuffed your captive, simply lock them in with the included key, leaving them defenseless against all of the devious delights you have in store for them.

A unique addition for bondage aficionados and history buffs alike.

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