Stainless Steel Cuff Set

There’s really no better way to say you love someone than to lock them in wrist and ankle cuffs of polished stainless steel. No matter how much pee and stuff gets all over your captive’s gleaming chains after you start to neglect them in your basement dungeon… no, wait, this sales pitch isn’t coming out right at all.

Let’s try again: Protect and cherish your slaves! They’ll know how much you love them when you secure them with these eternal bonds of gleaming stainless steel.

That’s a much better sentiment for the upcoming romantic holiday. And hey, the Stainless Steel Ankle And Wrist Bondage Set looks really awesome:

stainless steel cuffs

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Stockroom Black/Cyber Sale – Bondage Blog commented on November 23rd, 2015 at 1:09 am:

[…] to catch my eye was the $309 Stainless Steel Ankle And Wrist Bondage Set (previously featured here on Bondage Blog) on sale for just $150. Another eye-catching bargain is the $88 Neon Wand Accessory […]

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