Sex Slave Storage Tube

Where do you store your slavegirl when you aren’t playing with her, and how do you keep her in top sexual shape while in storage? Mad science has the answer:


This bondage tube girl is via Kinky Delight.

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New Fetish: Backwards Eating

Ever wonder why festival food always comes on a stick?

manga panel of corn on the cob, frozen banana dipped in chocolate, about to be used as dildos on unwilling bondage victims

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Pascal’s Subsluts: Leashed Blowjob

pascals subsluts banner

The pictures below are from Pascal’s Subsluts (tagline: “real subs, real sex, real orgasms”), a rough-sex site featuring a uniquely British-flavored style we might call “respectful gonzo”. Outright bondage, though present in many shoots, is not the primary fetish at Pascal’s Subsluts; rather, the focus is on agressive, dynamic, and filthy rough sex with genuinely submissive women. This leashed blowjob scene with Lucia Love is actually one of the tenderest (perhaps you might say tamest) at Pascal’s:

lucia love on a leash

lucia love about to give a leashed blowjob

leashed BJ

open your mouth, girl

cum on her face after leashed blowjob

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Spandex Blindfold Hood

I like these spandex hoods because they are comfortable, breathable, non-claustrophobic, and (with the built-in blindfold) completely secure against your submissive seeing what’s coming. And this weekend only (sale ends Sunday) they are 25% off! (The one with the mouth hole for blowjobs is discounted even more, as part of the ongoing Halloween Sale.)


More info from the Stockroom:

This hood is made of shiny, stretchy, black spandex, and has a soft cushioned blindfold sewn into the front of the hood, effectively blocking out vision. This hood is extremely comfortable, easy to put on, and easy to breathe through. It will fit anyone.

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Remember Your Safeword

what's my safeword?

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A Fisting For Juri

Sex educators love to emphasize that using lots of lube is the key to consistent and reliable sexual pleasure. It looks like Juri (a character in the Street Fighter franchise) is about to have good reason to be thankful that Chun Li has heeded that advice:

juri is handcuffed and watches in horror as her gloved captor pours lube into the palm of her hand

Artist is Speh.

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Waiting For Him

He seems more interested in his cigarette and his whiskey than in the beauty he’s got tied to his headboard. But she seems to expect that his attentions will be worth the wait:

waiting for bondage sexing

Artist is Gracy Gimp.

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