Leashed Pussies


Artist is Dominique Saint-Mark.

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The Electric Breast Press

For a proper breast punishment session, you need an electric breast press and an enthusiastic punishee:





Art is by Depuceleur, from a comic strip called “Yubbies” if my memory of the vintage magazines is not failing me.

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Making A Bondage Rope Strap-On Harness

Artemisia Femmecock has made a detailed tutorial for using rope bondage skills to make a harness for wearing a strap-on dildo. This could be handy, especially since manufactured strap-on harnesses aren’t cheap. It’s also sexy, especially if you’ve already got a rope fetish going on, as who here does not?

The video is fun to watch, but if you’re the kind of person likes me who needs detailed step-by-step instructions with idiot-proof photos illustrating them, you’ll want the full tutorial.

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Suck Amenity

Every gentleman with a well-appointed home needs one of these blowjob cabinets to house his suck amenity:

blowjob cabinet housing suck slave with ring gag

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Endurance Sybian Rider

Sexually Broken describes the famous Sybian as:

Quite simply: the world’s most powerful vibrator. It sounds like a jet engine taking off. Once a pussy is placed on it, that pussy will cum. Over and over. For as long as we desire, if the electricity stays on.

Amy Faye looks pretty game in this first photo:

chained and cuffed to a sybian riding vibrator for endless forced orgasm fun

Forty minutes later, though, she’s looking like she got rode extra hard and then put away wet. That look in her eyes says the director just reminded her that she agreed to do a two hour shoot:

helpless, exhausted and distressed after forty minutes of non-stop forced orgasms

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ISIS’s Naked Slave Markets

Erosblog had a post recently discussing a UN official who told a salacious tale about ISIS selling women from captured towns naked in local markets:

Filling an idle moment with TV punditry, I came upon a United Nations bureaucrat attempting to describe the plight of women and girls captured by ISIS. She told a horrifying tale: whole populations of captured towns stripped of their sexually-desirable women and girls, who are then, she claimed, sorted, ranked by attractiveness, and sold in a state of nakedness in local markets, as sex slaves; excepting only the youngest and most attractive, who are routinely saved for the enjoyment of the ISIS sheik (her word) and his close associates.

It’s horrifying. But, is it true?

She offered no evidence; she didn’t even state where her information came from. She just said that this was the routine sequence of events whenever ISIS captures a town or village. Her credulous interviewer asked her no hard questions of any kind.

The rest of the Erosblog post goes into the nature of credible evidence about an atrocity of this sort, and why it would be hard to marshal any such credible evidence, even if the story were true. My take, though, is that the story is obvious bullshit. What makes me curious is the reason for it. Whose agenda is served, I wonder, by selling a lurid story straight out of Victorian pornography, complete with nude slave markets and leering Arab warlords saving the best harem girls for the sheik?

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They Have Questions, She Has Answers

And all it takes is a little juice to get those answers out of her:

nipple electrodes

Via Electrosex Blog.

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