Bondage Sex, Sore-Assed Prisoner

He likes using the riding crop on a bound woman’s ass almost as much as he lucks fucking her during and afterwards:

cartoon bondage whipping and sex

From Spanking Blog.

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Guarded Captive

“Guard my new slave until the sack is complete!”

“Yes, Captain.”

captive under guard

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Chained Perfection

I don’t think she wants his nice present. And besides, it’s a disturbingly irregular color:

chained to a filthy mattress for a bondage fucking by a large gross kidnapper

Panels are from Torture Brothel, which is a Dofantasy comic by Aries. (The garish colors that Ares often uses are perhaps my least favorite thing about his drawings.)

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On Pinching Those Nipples

Kaya and her master (“M”) had some friends over, and things went about as you might expect:

But there was a girl, a delightfully kinky girl. She’s depraved and nasty and dirty and pretty hardcore… so naturally I wanted to toss her right into M’s path. :D

Next thing I know, I can hear some slapping and I wisely stepped far far away before he remembered I was there. Haha.

It’s funny, sometimes, when I watch him with other girls, how often I want to intervene, to tell him to be nice or slow down or not hit so hard… And I don’t even know that he was slapping her all that hard, but it sounded hard.

Anyway, she didn’t try to run away so that was a good sign. ;)

At some point I’d been dispatched to fetch dildos. I was fucking her with them while she was sucking him. Fortunately for me I was out of his reach but she wasn’t and I think maybe her nipples took a beating. He does like to pinch them fuckers while he’s getting sucked. It amuses him, I think, to make me (her) (whoever) keep sucking so pleasantly while we wonder if our nips will still be there when we’re done.

That’s not an easy task, in case you were wondering. The instinct is to bite down and grit my teeth, because it fucking hurts. At least, that’s my instinct anyway. Grr.

If it were easy, would it be so much fun?

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Advice For Pretty Female Interrogators

Dani Daniels in her sexy rubber interrogator costume, with rattan cane

Here’s a pro tip for would-be female interrogators in sexy latex dominatrix outfits: before you dismiss your minions, double-check that they actually got your virile male captive’s hands properly chained behind his back.

Dani Daniels menacing a virile male captive.  Only his hands aren't tied property to the chair or behind his back

Getting his bondage right is important! Because he’s bigger than you and stronger than you. So if you omit the vital “check his bonds” step, then you had better quickly (as the immortal John Willie famously advised) “learn ju jitsu and the art of self defense.” Or this could happen to you:

The biter bit! Dani Daniels is suddenly captured by the man she was just planning to cane to ribbons

And this:

Dani Daniels stripped and tied naked over a desk for sexual torment and punishment

he's about to force Dani Daniels to suck his cock while tied helplessly over a desk

Followed inevitably by him having his way with you (and in you). There, and yes there also. Forcefully. Repeatedly. And at length.

Dani Daniels about to get bondage fucked while helpless and tied by her vengeful former captive

Aren’t you sorry now that you told your minions that you were strictly not to be disturbed no matter how long you were in that room? No matter what noises they heard coming from it?

All photos are from the most recent Sex And Submission photoshoot. The sexy interrogator turned bondage sex captive is Dani Daniels.

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Two Girls And Some Rope Make A Picnic

outdoor bondage two girls

I couldn’t find a credit for this photo but my eyes tell me it’s probably from a magazine photoshoot from some decades back. Would be delighted to learn otherwise if anybody knows!

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Forced Lesbianism, Huge Dildo

“Lesbian” is a word that pornographers use too much. Just because two women are fucking with a ridiculously huge strap-on dildo doesn’t mean they are lesbians. Perhaps they are just doing what they are told:

getting the huge strap-on ready

forced bondage lesbians

From a recent shoot at Real Time Bondage.

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