Bondage Anal, Down On The Farm

A bit of bondage anal is just the way to relax between bouts of farm work:

assfucked down on the farm

This artwork is a detail from a drawing by Rumata Estorian.

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That’s Embarrassing! (Handcuff Key Edition)

Talk about an embarrassing professional mistake:

When defense attorney John Kevin Hunt went to visit serial killer Dayton Leroy Rogers in prison last summer, guards made a surprising discovery.

Hunt had a handcuff key zipped into a pocket of his belt.

Hunt, who has been practicing law in Oregon for 30 years, said he never intended to smuggle the key into the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Hunt … offered an written apology and explanation that was given to state corrections officials and included in a Marion County Circuit Court file.

“This was a terrible, stupid mistake and … I fully appreciate the potential consequences of such an item being introduced into the institution,” Hunt wrote.

“As the gravity of this incident is so great and the embarrassment of it so profound, I open this view into my personal, intimate, private life,” Hunt wrote.

Hunt said the key belongs to a set of leg restraints attached to headboard of his bed.

“From time to time girlfriends and I have employed the restraints in the course of erotic physical intimacy,” Hunt wrote.

Several months before the prison incident, Hunt said, he used the restraints at an unidentified woman’s home. Hunt said he misplaced the key, later found it in his car, and secured it in the zippered pocket of his belt.

“I failed to take the key out of my belt and forgot about it until it was too late,” Hunt wrote in his memo.


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Academics Asking For Rough Sex

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has an eight-panel comic called Rough Sex Requests, Sorted By Academic Discipline. I think this panel is deliciously subtle and perverted:

rough sex academics

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Chanell Heart’s Lesbian Bondage Blowjob

When Chanell Heart first found herself chained to this post, she was very afraid it was going to be some sort of perverted blowjob thing.

chanell heart realizing she's chained to the perfect post for forced blowjobs

When Rain DeGrey showed up with a cane in her hands, Chanell realized that there were some things she was more scared of than blowjobs:

chanell heart things Rain DeGrey is going to cane her face

But the cane, it turned out, was mostly just to get Chanell’s full and undivided attention. Because it was, indeed, some sort of blowjob thing, only more perverted than she had imagined:

Chanell Heart sees the dildo she is about to suck and deepthroat

chanell heart deep-throating Rain DeGrey's rubber dick


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In The Fucking Pillory

It’s a cheap pillory — they couldn’t be bothered to carve wrist holes — but it’s sufficient unto its purpose:

fucked in the stocks

Art is by Lord Anandalle.

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Revenge Of The Sisterhood

The cop lady is not happy about the unconscious nude blonde tied to the pillar:

revenge-sisterhood italian pulp cover

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Sarah Banks Collared And Fucked

Putting cute little bondage collars on pretty little vanilla-porn starlets and then fucking them hard in a gonzo-ish rough-sex style is admittedly not a recipe for the production of genuine BDSM porn. But if you do it right, it’s still cute as hell:

cute black girl sarah banks wearing a bondage collar and kneeling very prettily

young black woman sarah banks in her bondage collar with cum on her face and the braces on her teeth showing

Sarah Banks with jizz on her face licking a dildo

The collared-and-fucked model seen here is Sarah Banks, appearing in Hookup Hotshot: Cuteness Overload from Evil Angel.

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