Hucow Has Second Thoughts

Poor innocent newbie sub! She wanted so much to please her master, and playing in the barn genuinely sounded like fun. She remembered a really hot scene in one of her ebooks involving hay bales and baling twine and a riding crop and good-natured ravishment. “Yes, Sir!” Even when he broke out the cow suit, she was thinking “cosplay” and it sounded like fun. But she’s a city girl, right? If somebody had bothered to tell her that cattle prods were a thing that existed, she might have had second thoughts in time to do herself some good:

her first date with a cattle prod

Artwork is by Sub-Lucy83.

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One comment on “Hucow Has Second Thoughts”:

Fr. commented on February 3rd, 2023 at 3:18 pm:

I gotta say, this one really mooooooves me.

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