How Badly Does She Want To Be A Slave?

How badly does Daisy Ducati want to be trained as a slavegirl at The Training of O? She wants it badly enough that when she’s instructed to zap herself with the cattle prod… she does.

Daisy Ducatti is terrified as she prepares to zap herself with a cattle prod

Daisy Ducatti trying as hard as she can to force herself to push the cattle prod zapper button

Honestly speaking? In her shoes, I’m not sure I could make myself self-administer the shock. I’ve played with lesser electric toys, testing them on myself as one does — and there’s a certain level of ZAP! above which there stirs within me a powerful reluctance to push the button or touch the contacts again.

I’m also quite impressed that after zapping her own ass, she does not appear to drop the cattle prod:

Daisy Ducatti trying not to drop the cattle prod after she zapped herself

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