Fetish Versus Mainstream Models

Here’s Tim Woodman on the difference between working with fetish models versus mainstream models:

“The great thing about professional bondage models is they tell you exactly when and where it hurts.”

“In the Great Fetish Migration of the early-to-mid-90s,” Woodman says, “when mainstream porn companies were trying out what they called ‘fetish,’ you’d get a lot of mainstream models who just didn’t get bondage. So there was this problem of women from the mainstream side who might be in pain but would just ask ‘How much longer will this take?’ And that’s the attitude of someone who’s used to having uncomfortably large objects in her ass.

“But a fetish model knows what to say, specifically, when something goes wrong: ‘I can’t feel my feet,” or ‘My left wrist is numb.’ That I can work with.”

We’ve all heard of safewords and other S&M terms that have wandered into the vernacular, Woodman says, “but I had to teach mainstream girls how to speak fetish.”

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