Waxing Madison Young

She’s cute when she’s cocooned in shrink wrap for a little hot wax play. But then, when isn’t Madison Young cute?

bondage hot wax play for Madison Young

From Shadow Slaves.

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Feeding Time, Slave!

And sadly for you, you didn’t earn “eating with your hands” privileges this week. Maybe if you attend to your cocksucking lessons this week, next week will go better for you, and you won’t get so much tomato sauce up your nose:

slave girl eating spaghetti out of a dog dish with her mouth and face

From Shadow Slaves.

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A Slave Girl Kneels Where She’s Told

One thing about a Shadow Slaves slavegirl: she kneels where you tell her to kneel and she stays there until you tell her she can move. It may be cold or uncomfortable — indeed, you can pretty much count on it being unpleasant somehow — but the alternatives? Worse, you betcha.

a shadow slaves girl kneels naked in the snow even though it hurts

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Your Hair Still Smells Like My Cock…

…so get ready to hold your breath again!

unhappy girl being dunked repeatedly in a garbage can

Erectus says: “Always wash your toys when you’re done playing with them and before you put them away.”

Image credit is to Shadow Slaves.

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Nose Hook Holds Her Still

In which Shadow Slaves demonstrates that a nose hook is excellent at keeping a slave girl from wiggling too much when you come at her from behind:

nose hook keeps a girl still

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Toasting Her Buns (Without Spanking!)

Shadow Slaves knows how:

toasting her buns by the fire

Potato Peeling Slave Girl

These days, slavery is mostly about sex. But back in the day, it was about work at least as much as it was about sex. Glad though we are that those benighted times are past, I still enjoy seeing bondage scenes where the slave girls are laboring:

slave girl peeling potatoes

By the way, does anybody know where this picture comes from originally? Because the blog post where I found it doesn’t say.

Update: Answered my own question by finding another pic from the same photoset. Looks like this picture is from Shadow Slaves.

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