Madison Young In Ropes

This has long been one of my favorite bondage photos of Madison Young:


If memory serves, it’s from a website ( that sadly is no longer with us.

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Madison Young, Encased

Some artsy fabric encasement bondage from Madison Bound:

encased in gauze

madison young in a fabric bondage tube

Waxing Madison Young

She’s cute when she’s cocooned in shrink wrap for a little hot wax play. But then, when isn’t Madison Young cute?

bondage hot wax play for Madison Young

From Shadow Slaves.

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Madison Young On Her Knees

This simple pose is for fans of Madison Young. It’s from The Training Of O:

Madison Young kneeling for a bit of boot worship

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Madison Young On Margaret Cho’s Leash

So Always Aroused Girl went to the AVN Awards for Jane’s Guide, and there she took these excellent photos. Namely, it’s Bondage Blog perennial favorite Madison Young wearing a fetching collar and pearl leash, being tugged along by none other than comedian Margaret Cho, who clearly knows how to party:

Madison Young on Margaret Cho\'s leash

Madison Young leashed in public

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Madison Young, Puckered

Madison Young has featured in a fair few Bondage Blog posts, and she’s got a legion of kinky fans. So I’m diverging from the usual bondage fare long enough to wonder: how many of you would like to see a closeup photo of her ass? (I’m talking the hole, here, not the buttocks.)

Just in case this includes you, here’s the photo. In it, she’s being fucked by the winner after a naked wrestling match.

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Madison Young, Bondage Housewife

No man would be a bachelor, if the institution of marriage looked more like this:

madison young as a 60s housewife cleaning floors on her knees and wearing a ball gag

But then, Madison Young cleaning kitchen floors would be enough to bring any man home from the office early.

From Chanta’s Bitches.