Poor Madison Young

Poor Madison Young! When it’s her turn to play latex maid for Mistress Annette Schwartz, she doesn’t even get a fighting chance. First the Mistress puts her in a latex maid outfit that’s really more of a hobble skirt, albeit one with a cut-out to expose soon-to-be-punished cute buttocks. Then, just to make today’s cleaning project a little challenging, our heroine gets belts strapped around her wrists, elbows, thighs, and calves. Then it’s time for the day’s work order:

madison young in latex rubber maid outfit

“Now, listen up, you lazy wench! The cruddy old carpet in this dump of a studio needs a good spot cleaning, and you’re just the girl to do it! Now, get to work!”

Poor Madison. But, she tries to show willing:

submissive maid madison young forced to clean floors with a sponge in her teeth

Not good enough. You know it’s not good enough. Madison quickly discovers that the butt plug with the wire is electrified. Yeouch! “Scrubbing faster, Mistress!” But it’s no use. Soon, the cattle prod comes out…

rubber maid madison young threatened with a cattle prod while she cleans carpet in difficult bondage

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dragonman177 commented on August 4th, 2014 at 11:29 pm:

madison young was always my favorite model!

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