Mary’s Pony Ride

Mary has landed in the feelthy hands of the inquisition, and they are taking her for a classic ride on the wooden pony:

Mary looked at the strange wooden device that they were dragging her towards, almost too simplistic. It consisted of two planks of wood that were set into a triangle, meeting at the top. It wasn’t until she saw the straps on the sides that she began to understand and fear it. She screamed as they picked up her naked body as if it was a bag of potatoes, one of the Priests swinging her leg over the side of the contraption. They called it the pony, Mary understanding as they made her mount the pony, just as you would a horse. She looked down, the wooden peak looking more menacing as they began to lower her down on it.

With her spread legs, she knew that it would be her sex that would be forced onto the pointed tip. “NO! It’ll tear me!” She screamed, but they manhandled her, forcing her down until she felt the touch of the rough wood on her sex. She struggled, but they were too strong. “EEEEHH,” it felt like a knife driven between her legs as her weight pushed her down on the apex of wood. She tried to move, but it only incited more pain, feeling like splinters of wood were driving into the inner lips of her sex. She was almost grateful when she could hold still, not wanting to move, fearing the slightest movement would force a sliver of wood into her delicate sex. Her arms were pulled behind her back, hands touching the opposite elbows, rope tightened from her wrists to her elbow, pinning them together. “OOOOWW,” the pain between her legs unbelievable as her ankles were drawn back until she felt the leather straps on the side of the pony secured around them. Her ankles were pulled slightly backwards, forcing her sex harder onto the sharp edge of the wood, her pleasure button so close to being crushed by her own body weight. She wasn’t sure how long she could stand being mounted on the pony. Her own weight ground her sex onto the sharp wood, the slightest movement igniting sharp pains in her loins. Even a deep breath hurt, the slightest movement of her body painful. She took short, shallow breaths, the dull ache in her sex reminding her of the pain that movement would inflict on her.

The two Priests moved close to her, their eyes racing up and down her naked body. The Priest’s hand moved to lightly caress her ass cheeks, seeing her body grow rigid as she strove to hold still in spite of his probing fingers. His fingers rubbed along her sweat drenched crack until he found her defenseless asshole, her body jerking away from his finger when he touched her hot wrinkled opening.
“Don’t touch me there,” she screamed out in pain as she jerked her hips away from the rude fingering of her backside. She found out too late, screaming in pain as her split pussy lips slid along the rough edge of the ridge, tearing her tender, sensitive flesh. She couldn’t even fathom the pain that raced through her loins. She felt the finger returning, Mary taking a deep breath as she braced her body to hold still in spite of the strange feeling of his touch on her backside.

He watched her jerk on the pony, delighting the way the wood split her pussy. His finger returned to her ass cheeks, lightly running over her taut cheeks before moving back down her crack again. “Now hold still this time. I wouldn’t want you to cut that lovely cunt.” His finger pressed on her wrinkled hole, running his finger around her tight hole, feeling her muscles clench tight as she tried to keep his finger out. He waited patiently, positive that she would find resistance futile. And painful.

She kept her body still, but tightened her butt cheeks, but at the same time her pussy clenched, clenched on the thick wood that split her apart. It hurt worse. He didn’t move his finger, the uncomfortable feeling of having someone touching such an intimate hole disturbing. It reminded her of the reoccurring nightmares she had of the devil taking her up her backside, the dreams almost too real as she relived the painful experience of taking the Devil’s weapon up her backside. She couldn’t bear the pain any longer, releasing her grip on the finger.

She waited, relieved that the finger didn’t move.

He could almost feel her pulse in her asshole, the tiny hole throbbing with her heartbeat. He was so mesmerized with her pulse that his finger just sat there for long minutes. As he grew bored, he pressed with his finger, driving the tip of his finger into her waiting asshole, feeling her tight hole slip around the first knuckle.

“EEEEHHH! OWWWWW!” It felt terrible to be impaled by his finger, even worse when she tried to jerk away from him, the wood making mincemeat of her tender sex. It felt as if it were ripping her skin. She pushed back, unfortunately his finger waiting for her, forcing her to impale her backside on his waiting digit. “OOOHHH,” she moaned as his finger was slowly swallowed by her backside, her anal ring stretching around his knuckle, burning as her backside throbbed in pain. It felt so uncomfortable to have a finger in her backside, feeling it moving around as she struggled to stay still. Even the slightest movement sent sharp driving pain through her crotch. How could they do such a thing? She bit her lip as she felt the finger pushing harder, sliding harshly inside her anal passage, his fingertip pressing hard against the soft sides, her stomach cramping from the evil probing. She couldn’t even control her muscles any longer, her backside clenching open and closed uncontrollably, each time her sex clenched onto the sharp ridge of wood painfully.

The Priest’s head moved close to Mary, whispering in her ear. “Such a nice tight hole,” pressing his finger against the sides of her asshole, feeling her jerk in pain. His other hand reached down to rub sensuously over one of her naked breasts, enjoying the feel of her firm flesh. “And such lovely tits.” He pinched her nipple until he felt the unmistakable hardness as the tip sprang erect from his caress.
It was bad enough when one of the Priests touched her, her breast and backside fondled by him, but the other joined in. His lips went to her other breast, finding her nipple and sucking it deep into his mouth, his tongue wagging back and forth over it as his mouth suctioned the tip to stretch out. “NNOOO!” She begged them both, finding her sex lightly stroked by the Priest, his finger moving up and down her slit, Mary unable to do anything as she stayed perfectly still, balancing painfully on the wooden wedge that split her sex. The finger in her backside was deep in her bowels now, sure that he found the soft turd forming inside her, ashamed as he continued to probe her guts. “EEEEEHH, it hurts!”

The finger had moved to her pleasure button, lightly pushing aside the hood that protected it, leaving it open and vulnerable to his finger, feeling the calloused fingertip rub over the soft tissue. She tried to stay as still as possible, but it was hard, four hands fondling her so intimately. And it wasn’t all pain any longer, the finger that rubbed her pleasure button brought her the pleasure that she did when she masturbated. It was just difficult, the finger in her backside always reminding her of the humiliation of being stroked in such an obscene place while the other finger brought pleasure to her.

“OOOOHH,” she moaned in pleasure as her slit rubbed harshly on the unyielding wood ridge. It hurt, but it also felt good at the same time, the fingers in her backside and the one rubbing her pleasure button driving her back and forth over the rough wood. Her body was sweating as she suffered under their rude fondling, unable to control her own hips as they rocked precariously back and forth over the rough wooden wedge…

From Witches Convent by Powerone.

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