Paying Bail With Her Ass

In a very small town where the cops are dirty and the judge is dirtier, Heather has been arrested on a variety of bogus charges. There’s only one way out of this kind of trouble:

“Get back to the cell,” the Deputy said. Heather walked in front of him, her ass swaying sexily. If she only knew that it would be her ass that would be fucked next! It wasn’t that she would have a choice; the Deputy would make sure she would be bound in an inviting position. She would be ready for the Judge, positioned perfectly for the sodomy that the Judge would inflict on her.

“On the bed,” the Deputy gave her a shock with the cattle prod, not wanting any fuss when he bound her.

The electricity tore through her ass cheek, her body jerked forward and she bit her tongue at the unexpected jolt. She stumbled onto the bed, afraid the Deputy would jolt her again.

“On your belly, hands at the top of the bed.” He loved the way her ass rose up as she crawled forward on the bed. The short skirt gave him a view between her legs, the white cotton panties pulled tight over her slit.

She had no choice as she laid down on the bed on her stomach, her hands on the metal headboard as the Deputy moved towards her with two shackles in his hands. She didn’t even fight when he tightened the first one on her wrist and attached the other to the end of the headboard. Her other wrist was quickly shackled to the end of the headboard. She had a couple of inches of play in them, but that was all.

Every time she moved, the shackles banged noisily and reminded her of her situation. She looked behind her as the Deputy applied the larger shackles on her ankles. He wouldn’t rape her now, not with the Judge coming. He didn’t want the Judge to see the Deputy’s cum in her. The shackles were tight, but she was surprised when she tugged one ankle, able to move her leg quite a bit, not like her arms.

She looked real nice on her belly, but now to get her positioned. He got the two large pillows and stuffed them beneath her. One pillow was under her belly and the other was a bit lower so it forced her ass to rise up. “Yeah, there you go Heather.” He got one more pillow and placed it under her as her ass was raised obscenely now.

She couldn’t do anything as the Deputy stuffed the pillows under her, her ass forced high up into the air. She felt the cool air on her legs as the short skirt slid high up her thighs. The shackles tightened until Heather could no longer move her legs. She felt the Deputy click a small chain to the shackles, the other end snapped to the side of the bed. Now she wouldn’t be able to move more than an inch.

It was the position that she was in that scared her. Her legs were spread and her she was put into the classic “doggy” position, a humiliating position for her. She was at least grateful that he left, but not before he slapped her ass hard. Her cheek stung as the door clanged noisily behind him.

Time passed. The tension of the unexpected worked on her system as she finally fell asleep.

The Judge was in his late forties and in fairly good shape. He liked the small town, it was the only place that it would be possible for him to still enjoy the hot, tight flesh of a pretty young woman. His erect cock pushed out the front of his pants as he opened the door to the cell and enjoyed the sight of Heather asleep on the bed. Her body was tied just like he liked it, her ass thrust up high, all ready for an enjoyable ass fuck. She was almost posed, as if she was offering up her ass for his cock. She was as good looking as the Sheriff promised, especially her ass. He loved the way the firm, tight cheeks perched up so nicely.

The short skirt had already ridden up high and revealed a wide expanse of milky white thighs. The shackles kept her legs spread wide and her arms tied tightly to the top headboard, gave her enough room to clutch the headboard. And she would clutch it tightly in pain when he took her in the ass. He sat down on the bed, trying not to disturb her yet, he wanted to see the surprised look on her face when she woke with his hands between her legs, caressing her sex…

From County Jail by Powerone.

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