An Inadvertent Slave Rebellion

Ahh, oopsie?

Instead of being in my spot on the floor, I was reading in bed last night. I suppose I thought Master would be downstairs for a long time, and I’d have plenty of time to get ready.

But he wasn’t, and I didn’t.

I was startled when he came in, and started immediately feeling half guilty and half rebellious (what’s up with that??). I slunk down off the bed as he glared at me, and he asked me what I was doing. I went to kneel on the floor but it was obviously too late for that. I still felt like I should do it, rather than just lie insolently in bed. He asked me if this was some sort of slave rebellion. I wasn’t sure, but when I didn’t answer he took that as a yes.

For punishment I had to lie on my back, he cranked my legs up high and hit me with the long wavy paddle right on the backs of my legs where it it most painful. There were three sets of 10 each, except for once I was two wiggly after only four (it hurt a lot!) and he started over. In the middle of it, he asked me if I’d been punished enough.

“Whatever you think, Master,” I answered. It’s not up to me at all, of course.

“Good answer”, he said. And kept going.

From A Slave To Master.

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