“It’s Not That Bad…”

One zappy electrical toy. One overconfident dom. It’s a sure and certain recipe for lulz:

One of those times when we were both on the couch, Saumya and I, Master said “Look, I’ll do it to myself, it’s not that bad.” We lay there looking completely dumbfounded as he shocked his own dick. The resulting yelp of pain was kinda hilarious. Not that bad, huh?

Don’t worry, boys, it didn’t slow him down:

After breakfast he said “You know I’m going to zap your pussy this morning, eventually”.

I was feeling brave and said “Let’s get it over with then.”

Back to the couch, legs spread. He teased me a few more times, getting it close, and again I couldn’t help begging him not to do it, even though 5 seconds earlier I had been all brave.

He put it away. A second of relief. Then all in one motion he picked it up and zapped me on the cunt.

I tell you, all the mind fucking was worse than one zap. Maybe not worse than a series of zaps though.

From A slave to Master.

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