After The Breath Play

Kaya writes about her master playing with her breathing, and what it feels like. The post is called Lights Out but this bit is about her sensations as her lights are coming back up:

Then comes an awareness of my body. In the most recent case, hanging by my wrists in suspension cuffs, and having just the vaguest sensation of pain in my arms, of tingling, and thinking I should stand up or something… but not at all able to figure out how one actually does that.

With the body awareness comes the realization that I’m twitching uncontrollably. I should stop doing that, it feels weird. But I can’t figure that out, either.

And then another voice; closer, louder, familiar. Penetrating the confusion and demanding response. I know him! I know that voice. I have to answer that voice, I’m compelled to answer that voice. It feels… dangerous… not to. What is it saying??

I listen.

“Hey. Hey, baby. You here?” A hand on my cheek, tapping.

I am. I’m here. I should tell him so. I open blurry eyes to look at his blurry face.

“Hi. Welcome back.”

I smile loopily at him. I want to pet him.

He strokes my hair off my forehead. I love that. He’s so nice. So gentle.

Then things come back into focus and memory. Oh yes! Dungeon, party, Master, choke hold.

Gentle? Nice? Wait…

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