Marina Is Crab Bait

caged marina being lifted in her iron cage by a farm tractor

Back in April I wrote:

Word has reached me that, at long last, some of the old and fondly-remembered videos are being re-released in the United States as special bonus material for members of Infernal Restraints. The old Insex movies no longer bear that famous brand name, though, nor are they locked in those unloved and unlamented tiny square RealMovie files. Now the movies are in 2xHD .mp4s, with a modern widescreen aspect ratio and the Infernal Restraints watermark.

hauling marina to the water for her dunking session

The latest (July 13) original-Insex bonus scene features Marina being subjected to various astonishing indignities in a variety of cages, mostly indoors. But the scene concludes with her being lowered in a heavy cage into an outdoor body of water on what looks like a chilly autumn day. Once she’s submerged to the neck, she sits and waits (what else can she do?) for crabs and other aquatic creatures to come along and nibble her toes and tender bits.

Marina about to go in the water

marina shrieks as the cold water rises around her naked helpless body

marina almost submerged in a lake or river

marina is crab bait, helpless in her submerged cage

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Cardy commented on July 14th, 2015 at 4:14 pm:

I love that it’s raining. Perfect.

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