Piss Puppy?

I once stayed waaay out in the country in a place where the “plumbing” was an outhouse. And since there was no electricity, the outhouse was dark in there at night. Duh.

It turns out (who knew?) that outhouses do not have to be filthy or unduly smelly; this one was not. And one of the reasons was that to facilitate accurate midnight urination under bad lighting conditions, there was a large tin urinal, which took the form of a curved metal plate surrounding one of the outhouse holes. The only trouble was, the metal was thin, which made it noisy — you could hear a stream of piss hitting that thing from half a mile away. Not the thing for people with bashful bladders.

I was reminded of all of this when I saw the cute but unfortunate piss puppy in this photo from Infernal Restraints. Unless she has ear protection, she must be positively deafened unless her owners hit her face and hair very accurately!

puppy girl wearing a steel cone collar

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anon commented on October 19th, 2010 at 8:34 am:

I believe that’s Calico, blogger formerly of Dominatrix Next Door and now of Calico Lane.
She’s one of my favorite models… thanks for the pic!

Calico commented on February 24th, 2011 at 4:02 pm:

The metal in that cone wan’t particularly thin, so pissing wasn’t that noisy. I do recall them thumping on it though and THAT was loud!

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