Inflatable Enema Plug

For those of you who like to mix enemas into your BDSM play, there are a number of ways they can be made more “rigorous” to ramp up the sensation. People play with temperature of the enema fluid, sometimes they use different additives to make the enema more uncomfortable, they impose rules on how long it must be held, they make the expulsion deliberately humiliating — there are endless variations. Sometimes they’ll use a deliberately-large enema nozzle, or a cold one, or a minimally greased one. Sometimes they’ll put in a butt plug to make expulsion difficult or (temporarily) impossible. And, sometimes, they will use medical-grade enema catheters that have one or more separately-inflatable bulbs to make the nozzle difficult to remove.

Now there’s a sex-toy version of that: an inflatable enema plug that’s similar to the old-standby black rubber inflatable butt plug, only this one has the enema tube running through it as well, and it looks like it inflates to a potentially-uncomfortable size, especially for someone who already has a quart of warm soapy water inside ’em:

enema plug that inflates to a large size with a squeeze bulb

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