Two Punishment Enemas

This bondage enema scene comes from an old whips-and-canes stroke book (paper porn! how quaint!) called The Prefect by P.N. Dedeaux:

A comical sight met her eyes.

Two quite big girls, bare but for their stockings, were having a double enema. Kneeling side by side on a wide wooden bench, they had their arms secured behind them in wrist and elbow cuffs, their heads right down and buttocks thrust up. Into the amber anus of the one on the left threaded a red rubber tube which ran from a canister set on a shelf above. A second tube, of quite astonishing length, was just being inserted into the entrails of the girl on the right by the black-robed Matron, as Maria walked in to pay her respects and report on her finding.

“This I want to watch”, she said with a creamy chuckle, as the lightly-greased tube slid in, to the girl’s gaspingly protested oooh’s and aaah’s. Every now and then the Matron turned the tap of the canister briefly, to ease in the passage.

“Two notoriously costive girls”, she announced in her usual surly tone, “I mean to teach them a lesson. This is their third high colonic. Three litres of hot soaped water and turpentine. They take it together and the one who holds it the shorter time gets my martinet under her with a vengeance. She also has another dose, held up by a saddle strap with a nice big dildo attached to it. There … there you go, my monkeys, swallow it all every drop, there’s no way you can’t, so there.”

The tap was opened and soon the bent bottoms were rippling with quivers, quick muscular contractions as the fluid seeped into them. But Maria Daunitz had really to laugh when the girls stood up after it was over, and the tubes snaked out of their bottoms. Their expressions were so woeful, she had no idea an enema could be as corrective; moreover, their bellies were distended until they seemed pregnant, their arms still fastened behind them.

They were stood in a tiled bathroom, side by side, and in a second both were writhing. They were also sweating since the injection had been hot. Truly, she had seldom seen such miserable miens as the pair clenched their legs, or paced and bent, in their efforts to retain their respective doses. But she had work to do herself and couldn’t wait any longer, dearly as she would have liked to see that curious raised commode, with the sharp spikes around the seat, in urgent use. She supposed that with arms behind like this a girl had to sit down hard on it. However.
Excusing herself to the implacable Steinkopf, watching grim-faced with a martinet in one hand, she was half out the dispensary when there came a wail, a girlish cry – “Oooouuu, I can’t … it’s coming down!”, plus the sounds of a helpless, abandoned pattering of feet, then categoric noises, in particular a high-pitched pinging – and a scream!

Maria Daunitz went on her way.

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