Processing Pain And Fear

In this post J writes about how something she normally fears and dislikes (nipple clamps) suddenly became a good thing:

I felt the same fear when he attached them to my already bruised and tormented nipples. I felt the same rising panic start to form prickling tears under my tightly closed eyelids. But then he kissed me, and I felt his cock so hard in my hand, so hard at the pain he was causing me, so delighted by my fear. He made me stroke it. And then something snapped. The thing that snapped was my fear. My lust for the sadist in him left no room for fear. He was hurting me, really hurting me, making me whimper, for his pleasure. And in return I wanted nothing except to please him. I wanted him to devour me. Glorying in the pain that I normally can’t stand, I wanted to throw myself into the jaws of the beast, to satisfy his every urge no matter how much it might cost me.

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