Nipple Clamps And Pain And Fun

One thing that’s fun about Kaya is she’s honest — too many women who enjoy pain are conflicted about it and can’t quite admit it. She writes:

  • Master has been quite insistent upon nipple clamps, most especially when I’m pushed under the desk and fucked on my hands and knees for eons and ages, tits bouncing and jarring, clamps flying and tugging.
  • Evidently when I yelp in pain, my pussy contracts. Frequent yelping feels good. To Him. Fake yelping is not the same (I tried).
  • Consequently, my already bright pink and scabbed nipples are *still* bright pink and scabbed.
  • And sore. Very, very, very sore.
  • I hope He does it again today.

I can confirm, a woman’s whole-body reaction to a sharp pain (riding crop to the nipples works well for this) is a general contraction of which the yelp is just a symptom. The squeeze feels quite nice around whatever you might have in her pussy or ass. But, if she just decides to yelp as a method of complaint, not so much. That’s when a gag comes in handy.

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Hisflower commented on May 30th, 2008 at 5:20 pm:

i wanted to let you know how much i enjoy your blog- and i agree with you about kaya- she is totally honest and i love reading her too.

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