Fun With Nipple Clamps

I’ve played with nipple clamps (as operator, not recipient) and they can be a lot of fun if you just chortle when she’s trying earnestly to explain how it’s all just too much and you should take ’em off right now dammit. The best part being — as she already knows — that it hurts more (for a little while) when they come off.

This description from Rambling Newbie sounds spot-on to me:

There was a little warmup play, with the boy teasing and tugging and pinching my nipples. After a few moments (next time, I think more of a warmup should be in order, but we were both pretty eager to try the new toys), he clamped one of the clovers onto my left nipple.

Holy shit. As hard as my nipples have been bitten and pinched, there was something more intense about this thing, and I think I whimpered. He paused to watch my reaction and make sure I was okay (partially just because I think he enjoyed the reaction), then moved to my other nipple, teasing, tugging, and finally clamping it.

The boy started teasing me then, lightly stroking the still-exposed tips of my nipples and tugging periodically on the chain connecting the two heavy clamps. I was being very vocal, crying out and whimpering, and I simply couldn’t help it. It was insanely intense. He tugged on them once to get my attention, then said “Count backwards from ten.”

At this point, my brain wasn’t focusing enough to do any such thing…but he kept prompting and tugging until I had no choice but to start the count, calling him an asshole in the process. He got a huge kick out of that, I think. *grin* I counted backwards, needing occasional prompting (read: tugging) as to the order of the numbers, and when I reached one he quickly took off the left clamp.

Holy shit AGAIN. I’d heard they hurt more coming off…but didn’t realize the extent until just then. I cried out loudly in pain and surprise, and he quickly put pressure on the poor abused nipple to let the pain subside slightly. The right went just the same, and damn. It hurt like hell, and it drove me completely insane. The clamps had been on for maybe two minutes.

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Panthera Pardus commented on December 16th, 2008 at 3:20 pm:

Yeah, it was quite a bit of fun once the cursing died down. ;)

The next time we used ’em they got left on there for about fifteen minutes or more. Talk about freakin painful…

kinkerbelle commented on December 16th, 2008 at 4:20 pm:

OMG how I can relate. It is a “damned if you do” / “damned if you don’t” situation. The screaming pain afterwards is much worse than the torture during.
It’s nearly more a mindfuck as it is physical hurt, anticipating the horrific throbbing pain whether ripped off in a moment or taken off nice and easy. Not knowing which I will get often drives me to tears before I ever find out. It hurts like fuck either way. No winner! It causes me to beg instantly and with sincerity to suck cock instead.
Sighs.. I hate nipple torture.

Tutivillus commented on December 16th, 2008 at 6:10 pm:

I love using nipple clamps on both the boys and girls. Ahhh…the screams, the swearing — the Good Times.

boot bott commented on December 20th, 2008 at 3:54 pm:

I have like 4 different kinds of clamps…they all provide wonderfully different levels of sensation. The clovers are a favorite, as they have a textured rubbery tip which prevents it from being too bad.

I especially like the vibrating kind of clamp. A bonus a few weeks ago was finding an entire rack of the particular kind of watch batteries that they take (and eat through) at the everything’s-a-dollar store. My wallet ended up 9 dollars lighter that day.

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