When Two Submissives Scheme

Here’s Kaya on trying to be a dom:

So, as the two of us were between his legs taking turns sucking his dick, and we formulated this plan (her idea, I’m sure of it. I would never be so naughty without provocation ~cough~) to stop right at that critical moment and tell him he must beg permission to orgasm, the double negative theory made PERFECT sense!

They seem to get so much pleasure out of doing the same to us, it only seemed fair that in our “double sub = a Dom” state of mind, we should get to experience that same mystical pleasure.

We giggled and plotted, barely able to keep the suction going as we imagined the look on his face and the (hopefully harsh) repercussions that’d come our way when we sabotaged his orgasms with our ingenious toppery.

He kept giving us the stink eye as we snickered and sucked, but the sensation of two tongues lapping away at cock and balls muddled his brain just enough to keep him from being in the know.

Then he started that deep mewling, and the ever-so-subtle hip thrusting against my mouth, and directed her to put her hand on my head and press while he fondled nipples and breasts and I felt his cock hardening, heard his breathing grow hoarse, his thighs stiffened-



We forgot to be evil domly tops!

It wasn’t until I was wiping spit and come off my chin that I remembered.

Topping is too much work. There is way too much to remember.

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2 comments on “When Two Submissives Scheme”:

kaya commented on April 15th, 2011 at 11:39 am:

Bwaha! Epic dominating fail. ;-)

Rope Guy commented on April 15th, 2011 at 3:12 pm:

You got lucky anyway, if you hadn’t failed that way I suspect the failure mode would have been even more entertaining … for him.

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