Mock Firing Squad, Ouch

Some intense roleplaying for Kaya. She didn’t maybe quite get into the spirit of things, but no matter. At kinky camp, role plays you!

There was a fun little POW/Interrogation scene, in which I think us POWs were supposed to be tortured into revealing secret information (that we didn’t have) and I think it was supposed to be intense and serious and blah blah blah.

Unfortunately, they captured POWs like me and my flirty little friend who named Fred Flintstone as our commanding officer and who licked the duct tape off and just generally giggled and had a damn good time.

But that aside, at the end of the interrogation the POWs were to be executed by the firing squad.

My flirty friend avoided the firing squad by virtue of “I don’t gotta do that” limit listing. So, I was the first ‘victim’. I was marched out, naked except for a thin little skirt (and a protective face mask), placed against the side of a building, arms to my side, and faced 3 people holding guns.

Paintball guns.

First, just lemme interject that I did not willingly volunteer for this. I was willingly volunteered by the fucker that owns my ass. I also did not have the option of opting out of facing the firing squad.

In short, I was pretty fucking terrified. I’ve never played paintball even with the protective body padding. Now I was standing, facing three people ready to shoot, completely unprotected and naked and vulnerable and and and…. you know! Naked!

I was really waiting for, and expecting, someone to call “PSYCH! Just kidding. Bubbye!”

All the way through the ready-aim-fire! sequence, I was waiting to be saved.

Especially because one of the three executioners was my own Master.

It was one of those things where I was convinced he’d step in. Or at the very least, hesitate. Check in with me first? Warn me? Protect me in some fashion?

I don’t know.

What I didn’t expect was the barrage of paintballs that came after the ready-aim-fire! I just really didn’t expect to get shot. And not 20+ times either!

And I know, I know, it’s just paintballs. Not even the most painful thing I’ve experienced at his hand.

Pretty fucking painful, though. Some of the hits bled. Some of them blistered. All of them welted and bruised spectacularly.

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