3D SexVilla: Stalking The Wild Bikini

It’s been months since I fired up my copy of the 3D SexVilla software, and it took quite awhile to load due to all the new updates and add-ons that have been released for it since last time we played with it. There’s so much new stuff I haven’t been able to barely scratch the surface, especially new locations: gym, beach, forest campsite, pirate ship, throne room, poolside, ancient ruins, and many many more. And of course there’s new outfits, some new tattoos, new hairstyles, new voice packs … obviously the product has continued to evolve while I wasn’t looking.

What I did do, though, was load up a pretty girl, camping alone by a forest waterfall:

bikini girl camping alone

Stalking up on her in my avatar as a rogue motorcycle cop with a little bit of the old “in-out in-out” on his mind, I was reminded of nothing more than sneaking up on Orc camps in old Everquest. “It’s young ladies like you who’ve ruined your own lands, you’ll not ruin mine!” Or, more likely “It’s not safe for a pretty girl like you to be all alone out here, and now I’m going to show you why…”

rogue motorcycle cop fucking a girl he found camping alone, after he stripped and handcuffed and gagged her

“No, it’s really not safe, darling, the world is full of rough men with big dicks and a spare set of handcuffs…”

motorcycle cop fucking a handcuffed camper girl in the ass after he found her alone and dragged her out of her tent

I definitely need to spend some time figuring out the pose editor so I can do more custom scenes in 3D SexVilla!

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Beach Toon Bondage

I fired up the 3D SexVilla2 software for the first time in awhile to check for new goodies. There’s a yacht you can play on now, and more bikinis and beachwear, just in time for summer. But I got mesmerized by the slavegirl in the beachside open-air shower:

Kink 3d beach slave girl showering

I’d like to take my next vacation there, please!

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Seven Years of Bondage Miscellany

I missed doing a links cornucopia last Friday; too much going on. But I wanted to do at least one more anniversary roundup of links from the archives. No specific theme here, this is just some posts that I like, that aren’t “related to” much and so don’t get linked to very often. I think I’ll have one more roundup (relating to Nazis and prison camps and military bondage) and then I’ll probably be done with the retrospectives.

  • You Are Not Doing It Right — A LOLslave graphic and an essay on why it’s stupid to go around telling other people they aren’t doing BDSM right.
  • Holly Hunter In Bondage — For my money, the extended scene in Saving Grace where Holly Hunter is handcuffed face down on her bed for consensual bondage sex games, only to have her lover of the evening discover she’s a cop and run away, leaving her in a bondage pickle, is some of the best bondage ever broadcast on television.
  • The Purpose of Bondage — Is bondage for making girls prettier? Or to keep them from getting away? Or both? Views differ; here are some.
  • Titanic The Way It Should Have Been — I guess this is just sort of a visual pun that struck me one day, but I still smile every time I see it.
  • Bondage In The Closet — Why it’s more fun to be a grownup about your kink and not try to pretend you never heard of anything kinky.
  • Tied Down For Anal Sex — This forcible bondage-n-buttfuck scene from The Way of a Man With A Maid is a Victorian classic. It never gets old.
  • Tree Bondage — My nostalgia for the dialup BBS days and for some of the bondage photosets that used to circulate on those boards. If anybody knows a good web resource for some of those BBS-branded photos, I’d still be amused to see the link.
  • Bondage For A Slave — I tend to like best that bondage that has a functional purpose. This early Bondage Blog post of mine reprints an excerpt from a Gor novel that probably imprinted that idea on me at a too-young age. It’s about the power of a bit of binding fiber.
  • Fisted Sister — Interracial bondage sex with a ring-gagged nun. I’d forgotten just how much fun I had when I first started playing with 3D SexVilla2. I need to fire that software back up and do some more.
  • Yummy Slavegirl, Yummy Bondage Position — I think that this shall always remain one of my favorite bondage photos. It doesn’t hurt, I suppose, that it was in one of the very first bondage magazines that I ever got my sticky hands on as a young man.
  • Golf Ball, Tucked — Manga, manga, manga. In this case, anal manga, with golf balls. And bondage of course.
  • Dung Sack Bondage — Another Gor quote blogged because it made a powerful imprint on my youthful self.
  • Catherine Deneuve’s Bondage Humiliation — It’s rare to find such a stark juxtaposition of extreme beauty and abject literal filth. The image sticks with you long after the horse manure has been showered away.
  • Bondage Baptism — I miss Water Bondage. It never did sell well, so I understand why Kink.com stopped updating it, but I never understood why it wasn’t more popular. This post is a fine example of why I always thought it ought to be a bigger hit than it was.
  • Brutally Exposed — Another favorite vintage bondage photo.
  • Make Me A Captive — It’s a real hymn. But if you saw it presented as a poem written by a submissive girl on her blog for her master, would you doubt it?
  • Bedroom Floor Bondage — Remind your girl that sleeping in the king sized bed with you is a privilege.
  • Riding The Iron Horse — Just a breathtakingly nasty pair of old vintage amateur-looking bondage photos that look like they were taken in somebody’s basement. Ouch.
  • Two Girls Tied In A Cabin — Of all the bondage stories I’ve ever linked to from Bondage Blog, this is about my favorite. Two girls, a mountain cabin, and a long weekend of bondage, spanking, and implausibly virile anal sex they can’t say no to (and don’t really want to, we gather, though it’s tough to tell due to the gags and whatnot.)

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In 3D Prison, With Flashlight

When I learned that the 3D SexVilla program had received another update that added a scummy prison setting, I had to log in and check it out. There are a ton of new features, but the new prison environment is by far the most interesting. It’s like your own cheesy women-in-prison sexploitation movie in cyberspace!

I’ve only begun to play with it, but it didn’t take me long to “find” an inmate bent over her toilet in a scummy, rusting cell:

Inmate Jill bent over the toilet in her nasty hellhole of a prison cell

Somehow (“I’ve know idea how”, he said innocently) a sadistic guard’s flashlight entered the scene, not to mention entering a well-trained anus:

bent over prison toilet with Maglite up her ass

inmate getting buggered with a cop flashlight

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Kinky Sybian Rider

When even the simulated sex slaves from 3D SexVilla have expensive sex toys, you know you’re reaching the pinnacle of civilization:

kinky alt girl riding a sybian

Or, as they used to say: “What a country!”

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Safety Pins In Her Nipples

The last time I played with the 3D SexVilla software, I played with the custom piercing settings, including the cute nose ring and the safety-pins-as-nipple-jewelry:

nipple with a safety pin in it

Of course, the edgy thing about safety pins is that you don’t necessarily need an existing piercing site to use them. At least, not if you’re willing to be as cruel as a Japanese manga artist:

sadistic nipple piercing in the toilet

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In The Hands Of A Lipstick Lesbian

What’s a meek little librarian in bondage to do? Just writhe and cum, what other options are there?

bondage lesbians

Created with 3D SexVilla.

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