Tied Down For Anal Sex

There is some delicious bondage and anal sex in this excerpt — seen in greater length, with whipping, at Spanking Blog — from The Way Of A Man With A Maid:

Before she could guess my intentions, I had gripped her firmly ’round her body, then half-carried and half-dragged her to the piano duet stool, which also contained a hidden mechanism. I forced her onto it, face downwards, and in spite of her resistance, I soon fixed the straps to her wrists and ankles. I set the mechanism working, sitting on her in order to keep her in the proper position as she desperately fought to get loose. Cleverly managing the straps, I soon forced Alice into the desired position, flat on her face and astride the stool, her wrists and ankles being secured to the longitudinal wooden bars that maintained the rigidity of the couch.

Alice was now fixed in such a way that she could not raise her shoulders or bosom, but by straightening her legs, she could heave her bottom upwards a little. Her position was perfect for my purpose, and lustfully I gloated over the spectacle of her magnificent buttocks, her widely parted thighs affording me a view of both of her virgin orifices—both now at my disposal!

I passed my hands amorously over the glorious backside now at my mercy, pinching, patting, caressing, and stroking the glorious flesh; my hands wandered along her plump thighs, reveling in their smoothness and softness, Alice squirming and wriggling deliciously! Needless to say, her cunt was not neglected, my fingers tenderly and lovingly playing with it and causing her the most exquisitely irritating titillation.

From a drawer I took a pot of cold cream. Alice, who was fearsomely watching every movement of mine, cried in alarm: “Jack, what are you going to do to me? … Oh, tell me!”

My only response was to commence lubricating her arse-hole, during which operation she squirmed delightfully.

Placing myself full in her sight, I set to work anointing my rampant prick. “Guess, dear!” I said.

She guessed accurately! For a moment she was struck absolutely dumb with horror, then, struggling desperately to get free, she cried, “Oh! My God … no, Jack … no! You’ll kill me!”

“Don’t be alarmed,” I said quietly as I caressed her quivering buttocks. “Think a moment; larger things have come out than what is going in! Lie still, Alice, or I shall have to whip you!” Placing myself in position behind her, I leaned forward till the head of my prick rested against her arse-hole.

“My God!—no, no!” she shrieked, frantically wriggling her buttocks in an attempt to thwart me. But the contact of my prick with Alice’s flesh maddened me; thrusting fiercely forward, I, with very little difficulty, shoved my prick halfway up Alice’s bottom….

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