Dragging Cherry Torn

hot and sweaty Cherry Torn in rope bondage in the Nevada desert

Cherry Torn is hot, she’s tired, she’s sweaty, she’s got prickly pear thorns in her bare feet, and she’s royally tired of being dragged across the Nevada desert as part of Danny Wylde’s “blonde beauties” press gang of unwilling rock-moving laborers and reluctant blowjob providers. But she’s trapped in Penny Pax’s fantasy at Hogtied.com, and Penny’s still masturbating, so there’s no way out of this until Penny has her orgasm, now is there?

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Cherry Torn Can Eat A Dick

I like Cherry’s new curly hair. Not new is her ability to eat a rubber dick on a stick that’s been shoved in her face, which at Device Bondage is not option:

a rubber dick for cherry torn

cherry torn choking on a rubber dick

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Cherry Torn, Live!


Posted Saturday, February 2: In just about 2 hours (3:00PM Eastern, pre-show starts 2:30) legendary porn star Cherry Torn will be doing a Sexually Broken-branded live show on the Real Time Bondage platform. I’m guessing it will be more accurate to say that a bondage live show will be done to her; the RTB shows tend to get very rough and raunchy!

It’s very possible you’ve missed Cherry since her days as a slave-in-residence at The Upper Floor. She is as lovely as ever, and the Real Time Bondage sadists are legendarily cruel, so this should be a good show!

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Cherry Torn’s About To Eat A Bug

Cherry Torn in bondage with centipedes crawling on her

This picture of Cherry Torn about to eat a bug comes from Infernal Restraints.

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Kinky Cherry Torn On Dating Vanilla Guys

Here’s Kink.com model Cherry Torn on what it’s like to date vanilla guys when you’re a kinky sex worker:

I can’t help but wonder what these boys expect of me. My first date was so polite I didn’t touch him once and as a fuck-first-ask-questions-later type I hardly knew what to make of it. I’m so used to dom guys that take the lead I’m still learning how to fuck different. Luckily I went back for seconds, because it was definitely worth it. He’s the the first non-industry person I’ve seen in years, an interesting complement to the convenient coworker bang that is my norm.

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Wrestling Cherry Torn

Looks like a bit of friendly wrestling with Bella Rossi woman-handling Cherry Torn, at first:

wrestling with cherry torn, slavegirl

But then the zapper toy comes out, and da shit gets mo serious:

wrestling cherry torn into submission for some titty zapping

Later, she’s all “I don’t care what you do to me back there, as long as you let me slurp my tasty cumshake. I need my hydration!”

cherry torn slurps semen

From The Upper Floor.

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Hanging Cherry

Normally I don’t post anything that looks at all snuffy. When nooses enter the picture, it stops looking like good clean dirty fun to me, and more like the documentary about that bad man from the internet your momma warned you about, the one with the trash bags and the duct tape.

But sometimes, the picture is just too damned pretty to ignore, like this shot from Hard Tied of Cherry Torn with her neck in a noose:

Cherry Torn with her lovely neck in a noose

And how can I resist when Cherry calls herself “willing art” and posts pictures from the shoot with the noose on her blog, saying:

My new room will have a noose like this, maybe even another one over the bed. There’s just something about a constant, dangling reminder of filthy sex. I love that you can practically feel the veins pulsing in my neck and forehead.

Answer: I can’t.

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