Judy Under The Hood

It’s clear from the bondage descriptions that the Venus Library title The Passionate Prisoners dates back to the 1970s, when a lot of bondage gear was improvised from wooden dowels and clothesline. You can still find bondage “helmets” offered for sale in that era if you look at the advertisements in vintage BDSM magazines.Anyway, whatever you think of her accessories, Judy gets very thoroughly tied up:

Dale gave her leather-clad bottom a familiar smack with his bare hand. “Let’s go into the bedroom, young lady!” he ordered as if he were speaking to a naughty child.

Looking reluctant and keeping her eyes demurely averted, Judy quietly accompanied him to the bedroom. From past experience, she knew that she would be given no advance notice of what was in store for her and that any suggestions from her would not be appreciated. Since no two sessions were ever alike, she always had to contend with the fear of the unknown.

“Put your gloves on,” Dale instructed as soon as they entered the bedroom. He pointed to the long, black kid gloves lying on the dresser. Judy slowly began working the gloves on and required some assistance from him to get the job done. The skin-tight gloves covered her elbows and reached nearly to the short sleeves of her white sweater. The black leather gloves made a striking contrast with her white sweater, and made her bondage costume all the more appealing.

“Put your hands out, palms and forearms together!” Dale instructed.

Judy obeyed in a somewhat tentative manner, watching closely to see what would happen next. Taking a length of white clothesline rope, Dale quickly tied her wrists and forearms together in a tight but unrestricting manner. Although her gloved fingers were free to move about, Judy could see that escape was impossible.

“Dale, I wish you’d tell me what..”, Judy’s voice trailed off as he shot her a warning glance.

“You know what happens to girls who talk too much!” he reminded her.

“Please, Dale! Not a helmet!” Judy pleaded, already suspecting that it was too late to save her blond head from one of his discipline helmets.

Dale walked over to the closet to pick out a leather discipline helmet for his pretty girlfriend. He possessed several such helmets in various styles which he had acquired over a length of time. This time he selected a brown leather helmet which opened with a zipper down the back and had openings only for the mouth and nostrils. In addition, it was heavily padded at the ears to severely limit the wearer’s hearing.

“Oh, please, Dale!” Judy pleaded in an urgent voice. “Please, not that! It’s so uncomfortable!”

Dale paid no attention to her pleas and in a moment Judy’s blond head began to disappear into the brown leather helmet. Making sure that it was fitted into place properly and that her blond hair was gathered completely inside the helmet, Dale pulled the zipper to completely enclose her head within the helmet. The bizarre leather garment fit her head quite tightly, distinctly outlining her features. Completely deprived of all sight and normal hearing, Judy stood haplessly awaiting her ordeal.

Dale quickly produced a red rubber ball strung on a dowel stick with ropes at each end, and pressed it against Judy’s lips. With a resigned sigh, Judy meekly opened her pretty mouth as far as she could to receive the unwelcome object. Without further ado, Dale shoved the rubber ball between her lips and teeth.

“Mmmmm!” Judy’s moan of despair sounded low and faraway as the ball forced her jaws uncomfortably far apart.

Stepping behind her, Dale quickly and efficiently tied the two ropes firmly at the back of her neck, thereby forcibly implanting the gag in her mouth and making it impossible for her to voluntarily expel it. Deprived of all sight, hearing, and the ability to communicate verbally, Judy stood meekly helmeted and gagged. Although the bizarre helmet totally concealed her pretty blond head, in some strange and exotic manner it seemed to make her all the more appealing.

Dale brought out a fifteen-foot length of clothesline rope and securely fastened one end of it to the bonds at Judy’s wrists. Stepping up on the bed, he then worked the opposite end of the rope through a small hook in the ceiling. Stepping down to the floor, he slowly began pulling on the rope to take up the slack. Imprisoned in the private world created by the helmet, Judy had no idea what he was doing until she felt her arms being pulled upward. In a moment, Judy’s arms were pulled out straight and Dale was beginning to feel her weight against the rope.

“Mmmmmmm!” Judy tried to protest through the gag, as her arms were pulled up quite uncomfortably and she found herself standing on her toes.

Making sure that Judy’s spike heels were no longer in contact with the floor and that she was completely up on her toes, Dale quickly tied the rope to one of several hooks he had installed in the baseboard around the room.

“Mmmmmmm!” Judy murmured through her gag, shaking her helmeted head in a negative manner in a futile effort to protest the decidedly uncomfortable position.

Dale paused for a moment to cast an appreciative glance at his attractive and totally helpless prisoner. Her long and shapely body strained to the utmost, the grotesquely helmeted and gagged young woman made a beautiful bondage subject. As she stood high on tiptoe, the lithe muscles in her long and gorgeous legs were stretched tautly and rippled beautifully beneath her black nylons. Dale could feel his excitement rising as his eyes moved from her helmeted head down to the visible outline of her black brassiere and then down to her long, nylon-clad legs.

Totally helpless and completely at his mercy, Judy knew that she was helpless to protect herself from the tormenting that was soon to come. Blindfolded by the gag, she didn’t know what to expect until suddenly she felt masculine hands on her breasts. Dale manipulated her well-filled brassiere in a deliberately familiar manner designed both to torment and embarrass her.

“Mmmmm!” Judy’s muffled outburst revealed surprise and a trace of excitement.

Dale abruptly dropped his hands from her breasts and cupped them around her girlishly plump posterior. Blushing warmly beneath her helmet, Judy wriggled prettily as she felt his hands squeezing and fondling her comely bottom in a deliberately provocative manner. The pretty young woman realized all too well that he might decide to spank her, and that there would be no way in the world to stop him.

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