King Of The World, King Of This Girl

I found this first panel in an old downloads directory and tracked it down to an even older Wallace Wood graphic novel called King Of The World, part of his Wizard King trilogy:

man on horseback preceded by naked bound captive

Sadly I don’t have access to a copy of that book or even much of a scanset. I do however know that other scenes from that “barbarian horse-king with naked captive” story do exist:

rear view of a king on horseback leading a naked bound woman on foot

I’ve got one sad and blurry photo of a third panel, too, from the residual digital traces of an old auction:

another scene of the naked captive

Blogger Janice, inspired by the first panel, wrote movingly, back in 2006, about the fantasy this story inspired in her:

I came across a comics book, long time ago, that was called ‘The King of the World’ by Wallace Wood. It seemed like an ordinary fantasy tale, set in some typical fantasy land at first, although more nudity there than usually. Suddenly a sequence from the book jumped out and struck me in the face. The main character meets a strange couple coming out of the woods. There is a man riding on his horse and in front of him walks a woman. The man is, partly, clothed and armed but the woman is naked. In addition to being completely naked, she is bound with a rope around her neck, like a leash.

I was shocked by this. Not only was it unusual and strange to see something like that in a comics book but also the thought of a man leisurely riding through the woods with a naked and bound woman by his side was something extraordinary. Even more strange was that the woman didn’t seem to mind that much. The main character cuts her bonds later on as the man lies unconscious but she stays by his side. She seems perfectly happy being a naked and bound captive.

I have often imagined myself being that woman, walking naked in front of the man on his horse. It is hot under the trees and the light is green, coloured by the canopies. I am sweaty and my thighs stick together as I walk. Suddenly the man tells me I have delayed his progress. He is some kind of hero travelling round doing strange deeds and such. I am only his lowly companion. He tells me I have to be punished for this and my heart starts beating. I know what that punishment will be.

In the evening, when we camp and I have cooked for him and served him he tells me to prepare for my punishment. I kneel by a tree, put my hands on the trunk and stick my bottom out. He gets his whip, a vicious three tongued whip and with that whip he will punish me.

Later he binds my hands behind my back and my feet together and covers me with a blanket. My bottom smarts as I am lying there and it is not comfortable to be bound. Still I am content. I love him, I have to, and the soreness from his whip and the ropes on my, still naked, body is extensions of his will, his power and they are like his touch and I feel his presence in that.

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3 comments on “King Of The World, King Of This Girl”:

Cleo commented on March 6th, 2024 at 1:23 pm:

That last paragraph is so well put. The love of a submissive really is something deep and special.

Anon commented on March 10th, 2024 at 12:42 am:

( image link )

inspired by WW, perhaps?

Rope Guy commented on March 12th, 2024 at 2:53 pm:

Anon, could be! I think your image is by Argentinian artist Daniel Pascarelli and when I look at his page, I see a lot of fantasy art with Conan-type burly barbarians being a common theme, but also there’s plenty of color and detail that certainly could indicate Wallace Wood influence. I’m just not enough of an art historian/critic to judge from the imagery.

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