Whipped On The Wheel Of Pain

This wide-eyed whipped damsel is from the cover of an old Dime Mystery magazine:

pulp heroine is bound to a wheel and covered in whip welts

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2 comments on “Whipped On The Wheel Of Pain”:

endymion commented on September 23rd, 2023 at 12:57 pm:

This image is a great find!
There’s so much going on in their faces – even though I can’t come up with a consistent narrative for their facial expressions (and poses)… It’s hilariously inconsistent :-)

Fr. commented on October 2nd, 2023 at 9:36 am:

It’s weird, but I’ll try.

We have the finger guy (in the back), the whipper (whippess?), the shirtless guy, and of course the victim.

The victim is horrified, seeing that the mechanism of the torture device is going to be intensified. She’s looking at the shirtless guy’s hand (and lever), not anybody’s face.

You can see the shirtless guy if you click on the image to load the full cover. Based on his gaze, he seems to be taking his orders from the finger guy. He seems to be looking at the finger.

The finger guy is counting down (or possibly up, or possibly asking the shirtless guy to halt just one moment). His gaze, like the victim’s, is at the shirtless guy’s hand clutching the mechanism.

As far as the whip lady in red? At first I thought she was gazing at a job well done (the welts/cuts) and feeling proud of herself, but now, I think she’s looking at the shirtless guy too.

It’s kind of isolating, really, for the victim’s mindset that nobody is actually looking at her. Well, except for…US.

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