Feet Tickling At The Faire, Again

Certain things get better over time. Although many beloved internet classic photographs do vanish as sites go to the great bit bucket in the sky, it’s common for others to be preserved. And image search keeps getting better. That means I am often stumbling over some fondly-remembered image that’s in better shape now (larger, higher resolution) than the first or even the second time I saw it. We’ve seen these bondage tickling scenes from an Italian Renaissance fair before here at Bondage Blog, but these are less cropped and (if you click) larger than the eariler-displayed copies.

merciless foot tickling in Renn fair bondage stocks

helpless laughter for tickled woman in public bondage stocks

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One comment on “Feet Tickling At The Faire, Again”:

Fr. commented on October 24th, 2019 at 10:55 am:

I always appreciate a good tickling scene. Thank you for this!

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