Monokini Menace!

Our Heroine has reached that piquant stage of her hazardous misadventures where, due to costume failure, her bikini vacation has become monokini peril:

topless woman tied to a stake in a lagoon and threatened by tall stacks of algae and kelp sea monsters

Her bondage situation at the hands (tendrils?) of animated clumps of menacing seaweed graces the cover of a 1974 German-language pulp magazine called Dan Shocker’s Silber Grusel-Krimi: Atoll Des Schreckens.

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One comment on “Monokini Menace!”:

RC commented on December 31st, 2017 at 8:18 am:

A woman’s curves always make a pleasing contrast to the straightness of the stake to which she is tied. Even Die Schrecklichen take notice!

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