Her Electrified Peril

I’m not sure if the wires and vintage dry-cell batteries are supposed to induce pain, power a mind-control device, or summarily shorten our poor bound girl’s life, but whichever way it goes, that electrified metal band on her brow is going to make her skull a hotter place to be than she’d like:

pulp art of woman tied to chair with battery-powered electrified metal band around her head

The art is from an interior illustration for the story Bodies Born For Slaughter in the September 1940 issue of Terror Tales.

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One comment on “Her Electrified Peril”:

RC commented on December 16th, 2017 at 8:27 am:

I have not read the story, but I wonder if the electrified metal band is intended to erase her memory of what is to follow.

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