The Armory Goodbye

It’s been no secret that stopped filming at the Armory in San Francisco quite some time ago, but no coherent account of the reasons ever surfaced. One way and another, we can surely blame financial pressure; the porn business isn’t what it used to be, and San Francisco real estate has values that it didn’t when the Armory was purchased. But it turns out that Peter Acworth himself never provided a coherent explanation even to his own people, or so it seems from the conclusion of this nostalgic account of the last porn shoot filmed there:

The final reasons for the end of production here, which many people would tell me only off the record, were along the lines of, “Peter is tired of fighting,” “Peter is trying to get his kid into pre-school,” “Peter is going through a divorce,” and “Peter is burned out on fetish porn.”

According to employees, some days Acworth says he wants to preserve Armory rooms for sex parties, and the next he’ll demand everything with the signature red “K” be stripped down. One day he’ll say he wants to mount a traveling art exhibit of props and devices, the next that everything should just be put on the street.

One thing is clear: the screams of catharsis, the ingenuity of predicament bondage, the collaboration of devious queer minds will no longer fill the rooms and hallways of the Armory. Beyond that, the future of is still unwritten.

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